Monday, May 19, 2008

Detroit Rock City

Saturday Night Baby!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Guinea Hatch!

Okay, Before Everyone Stops Reading....

I will post about my hatch. This is what happened in a nutshell. My incubator sucks and I'm glad I'm never using it again. On Friday afterschool I had two cracked and the rest were peeping away inside their shells. One popped out, one got tired, nobody else made an emergence. After a few hours I eased the crack in the 2nd shell and #2 popped out. Then Saturday morning there was only one more crack and one peeping and everybody else was quiet. WHAT was happening? The humidity refused to stay high and spraying the eggs did no good. Also my temps were fluctuating. I helped out two more and the rest died in the shell. #4 was very weak.

Two days later the brooder light collapsed and 2 died under. #4 died a few days later. I have ONE guinea...but no fear, I have a shipment of chicks that will be here in the morning so my little guy stops crying all night. Very sad. However I'M NOT GIVING UP and am thinking of starting my own little guinea business since there is such a high demand for them and they are extremely hard to get hold of! I must have called 60 different hatcheries before I could get some babies!

In other animal news....Izzy had a C-section a few weeks ago because she was in labor for about 15 hours with no babies. She wouldn't contract. I lost two kittens within 24 hours, but the last one is going great! He's 2 weeks old now and is sooooo fat. Izzy is getting fixed after this. I don't know what went wrong, but at least she's alright.

I think you've all figured out from a previous post there is a new pup on the premises. I picked up Spur for Shane and he's just the best little dog! He's totally a ranch dog; calm, collected, well-behaved...

Since it's can we forget our baby calves and chick!

Look at my cheeks!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1 More 'till the Finals!

Need I say more?
I will update about the guineas later. It's a bit of a story...with a mixed ending.

Friday, May 09, 2008


OMG they are hatching! I will post pics later!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Guinea Eggs?


No, not guinea PIG eggs. Guinea HEN eggs. And I'm hatching some! I started with 12. Two were infertile and one didn't progess past about the first week. They are due to hatch between day 26 and 28, which is tomorrow and Thursday! I'm so nervous. All nine were dong really well when I last candled them Friday night. There was movement and I could see their heads near their air sacks. Still, lots of things could go wrong, but I'm hoping all make it!

Guineas are way cool and I'm hoping they take care of our fire ant problem. They also HATE snakes so I'm hoping they keep any wayward rattlers off the property.

They are often described as looking like AWOL army helmets with heads running around a yard...

No. I'M not hatching them. The incubator is. Ha, ha...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Wings Sweep Avs!

I'm sorry. I live in Colorado and I just HAVE TO GLOAT!