Monday, April 22, 2013


Bet 'cha didn't know Colorado grew alligators too!  A few miles away from us live the Colorado 'gators.  There is a natural thermal hot spring and fish farm. The alligators eat the waste. It's now a tourist attraction.

The place has taken on adopting unwanted, undesirable 'pets'. So there is a fun selections of snakes, lizards, gators, crocs, birds, farm animals, etc for little boys to run around looking at. They also have the gator from the movie Happy Gilmore here, living out his retirement with a girlfriend.

Wyatt and I went with his buddies-in-crime and their mother Saturday. It was fun and Wy couldn't stop talking about the 'croca-gators' all weekend!

We also darn near had to adopt this mini-donkey. He was so gentle and FUZZY!  Wyatt fed him skittles (after I checked to see how gentle he would take food of course!), and then had the little guy following him all over like a dog.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Look What We've Been Doing!

Doesn't happen in strange places, and he really likes to have his "reading" material

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Bounce House Fun!

Need I say more? This has been a pleasant spring! A little chilly but has had some beautiful days! 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Started Early

We almost never have spring break fall during Easter, so this year we took advantage of it.

First we had a play date dying eggs

Then we took the Easter Express Train to the park to meet the Easter Bunny and go on an Egg Hunt

Easter day was full of egg hunts and farm fun at a friend's!

Wyatt was a bit shy of the Easter Bunny when he first saw him...not at all like the stalking he did of Santa Claus, and continues to do with any guy he sees with a beard. But after a few minutes he was pretty pumped about high fives and 'knuckles'!  Then he started to stalk him too...