Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh When the Saints...

I predicted the Saints were heading to the Superbowl 'way back when...' and lucky for me the prediction came true or I would have lost a pretty decent size bet. I've always been a Saint's fan ever since my dad's family moved to Louisiana. There's something about New Orleans that I fell in love with as a kid - and never being much of fan of the team I hail from (Detroit...I wonder why...) the Saint's seemed a good team to follow.

It was obvious from the start of the season that New Orleans had something a lot of other teams didn't. For starters - an absolute drive to win the title. Rarely did you see them fumble a ball, and Drew Brees always seemed to know exactly where his line men were. Simply: They have been a fun team to watch this season.

I've been teased a lot from my student's at school, but there are a few Saint's fans and we've held strong through the season. I never wanted them to go undefeated. Admit it - an undefeated team is not very probable - and isn't the whole point to get to the Superbowl? I'd rather see them get some losing games out of the way when it doesn't count - rather than when it does.

I've always been a fan of Brett Farve - even when he played for the Packer's (booooo!), and I rooted for him to have a good game, but let's face it - if the Vikings had won, would the game against the Colt's be any good? I think we're looking at a fast paced, high scoring Superbowl game now that it's Saint's vs. Colts. A game that could go down in history.

My predictions on the winner? That depends on a few variables. I'm going to be realistic here: I think the Colt's are the better team - HOWEVER, I also though the Vikings were the better team - and felt it was fate that Saint's should win. Surprisingly enough that was said pretty much verbatim by the commenters before the start of the game. I also predicted that if the Vikings lost it was going to be because they couldn't hold on to the ball - And they dropped it 6 times. Go figure.

So therefore - if THIS happens, (namely heavy pressure put on the quarterback -Payton Manning - during the game), I think the Saint's will be the Superbowl champs. No way Manning can hold up to all those hits like Farve did. He just isn't, nor ever will be, the player Farve is.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yeah for Frost!

However, we need moisture REALLY bad here in the valley, so snow actually would have been appreciated. I did get a chance to snap some pictures while I waited for the truck to defrost yesterday morning. Some of the pictures may be usable, (but need some editing) as it was hard to see well with the sun coming up and reflecting off everything. These two are of the same area, but at different times of the rising of the sun.

I like them both but can't decide which is better. The first has a little more depth and color as it was taken a little earlier. However, the second seems more 'cheery' and bright as the sun was starting to peak over the ditch. Which one do you like?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Picture Tag!

Thanks Kara for tagging me! This was fun and I had to open a folder I haven't seen in awhile!

The Rules:

1) Open your first photo folder

2) Scroll down to the 10th picture in your folder (if you don't have 10 pictures, go to the next folder that does)

3) Post that photo and tell your story behind the photo

4) Tag 5 friends to do the same

This picture was taken by my sister-in-laws photographer on her wedding day. This is shortly after we all arrived from the hairdressers and were having a 'brunch' in her parent's dining nook. That's her father in the kitchen. The house has since been sold due to the economic situation and her parent's have moved to Columbus, OH to follow work.

At about this time I was debating whether to stop speaking to the chick on the far left or kill her. She made some comments about my age and how 'old' I was - and asked, "how, exactly, do you feel about your younger brother getting married before you?" on the car ride home from the salon. I told her not all of us were willing to sleep around and have children out of wedlock as a teenager, so I was willing to wait for the right person. It may have been a low blow since I really could care less about other people's choices - but she really rubbed me the wrong way. She kinda left me alone after that.

Now I think it's a bit funny.

Ok - Tag, you're it!
Andrea @ Swamp Suburbia
Carrol Farm
Browneyed Cowgirls
Randi (because we never hear from you!)
Heather (Rae Rae) - since I KNOW you have a ton of pics!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I wish I hadn't 'slept in' a bit last Friday morning as temps dropped to -16 during the night, and since the ground temp the day before had been above freezing I woke to a frosty winter wonderland. It truly was beautiful, but since I was running late I really didn't get to enjoy it for all it was worth.

I did get a few pics of the ponies as they were looking for their food. They were frosted head to toe.
C'mon mom! Quit messing around!

I DID NOT take this picture, but it represents a bit what the western side of the valley looked like before the sun came up:
It was an eventful weekend despite not feeling well at all. I basically stayed in and slept unless I had to get up to be a good animal mom.
Maggie caught her front pastern (ankle) up in barb wire and cut herself up pretty good. Her bottom hooves (front and back) were covered in blood that was evidently spraying for part of the night. She was limping slightly and once I had it cleaned out I could see there were no tendons cut (thank GOD!) and her joint seems to be out of harms way as well. The only thing I'm concerned about is proud flesh (nasty, horny scar tissue that can grow up around a wound and cause movement issues). Right now I'm using Underwood's Horse Medicine, that is supposed to help keep proud flesh from growing up. I used it when Rumba put a gate through her leg a few years back and she healed up just fine! She's moving very well but needs to have the wound tended to at least twice a day, and I'm keeping a loose wrap around it since it's so dusty here and thus prone to getting dirty easy.

Also little Brees fell into the water hole - an opening in the ice over the ditch to allow the horses access to drink. She took it in stride and I had her out pretty fast, but once she quite moving around the chill set in. So she got to come inside and wrap up in a towel by the fire. I wish I'd taken a picture, but like I said, I wasn't feeling too good so I just hung out with her until she quit shivering. I guess Boomer fell in a few mornings ago while Nate was breaking ice, so maybe they both will steer clear from here on out!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ridiculously Long

I cannot believe I haven't posted since before I went on school break! And it isn't as if I was super busy either...I'm sorry!!!

In my own defense I will state that there has been many changes - a few which will be posted now, a few later.
For starters we 'saved' two puppies before Christmas. Nate's uncle had brought home an emancipated German Shepherd cross that had been hanging out at his job site. He had been feeding her at work for weeks and was a very sweet dog, so he decided to take her home since it was obvious she didn't have one. A few weeks later she disappeared and he thought she had run off. Nope - she had dug a den under his spare building supplies and had seven puppies! They were sucking her dry and at four weeks we had to do something. Since they were fat and happy we started finding them homes. She was left with three and two weeks later looks A LOT better. We brought two home. The runt and her sister. They hung out in the house for a few days to make sure they were eating well (and they have had NO problems being off mom at all!) and have now moved out to the kennel with the other dogs.

Meet Boomer and Brees:

We planned on finding them homes, but we may keep them. At least one...but WHICH one? Hmmmmmm.....
Nate has been talking about adding another 'barnyard' animal to the gang for a few months. I did a little research and didn't see much of an issue with it. This bugger ran off with in the first 16 hours of being with us, was searched for with dogs for 7 hours, was given up as a lost cause, and then was found curled up in the straw around the pumphouse and made a beeline for her pen when she saw me. Guess it's true what they say...these little buggers are pretty smart.

Say Hello to Betsy:

Nate has decided she IS NOT going to be Sunday dinner one day, but rather a mommy (because she likes her back and head scratched) and she can earn her keep by procreating for a cause.

Also - Wrigley is going to meet his girlfriend tonight. So in a few months there should be little Wrigleys. There's a thought...I get pick of litter, but I think we have enough dogs for now...though you never know....

Christmas was okay. New Year's sucked. Other things happening - one major thing unplanned - that I will go into at a later date.

We DID NOT go to Michigan. Another sore point, but I sometimes get the feeling that my parent's have 'married me off'. Not a happy subject with me.

Sorry this is quick. I promise to be better!