Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A couple brought their mules to the clinic this week. They are so stinkin' funny with their floppy ears. I want one now.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Learning to Ride

Today we had a lady who was scared of horses but wanted to be ready for a pack trip into the mountains with her family. I truly thought it was an unattainable challenge. However, we moved at her pace. I rode the horse, then lead her on foot, then by horse, and then she took over. And was posting at the trot by early afternoon and had tried a short lope. Right....so either she was really good at working through her fears, or I have magic powers.

Came home to 7 baby duckies I hatched for a friend. They are way too cute. And finally turned the baby geese onto the flock. What was wierd in an amazing way was that even though my geese didn't hatch the eggs they laid, they still recognized the babies as theirs and immediately gathered them up and have been standing watch over them. If I hasn't seen it I wouldn't have thought it possible.

Ringo has really regressed since he bucked me off. In fact I haven't even been able to get on him. Cam Shriver is at the ranch and asked me Saturday of I wanted him to take a look at him. Let's just say this guy really knows his horses and is amazing. I'll take you through what we've done at the end of the week.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Not So Little Man

Wyatt was able to spend a little time with me at the end of the day Friday because my sitter stopped by. He helped me put Charlie up, feed Gordon and then was my date to the Rodeo. I loved how Charlie would not walk unless I was supervising. Wyatt was not very happy whenever he would stop because I had moved off too far.
Tomorrow starts another clinic, and I have tons to share, as well as a huge Ringo update...

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It certainly has its ups and downs doesn't it? i've come to some certain decisions peacefully and will be fine with whatever the outcome. Thank you for all the positive thoughts.

Riding is therapeutic. I recently read a study on the rhythmic motion of riding on stroke victims who have lost the abilities to speak, and how it has helped redevelop the areas of the brain that control speech. If it can do that, what else might it do? I certainly can think more clearly after a day in the saddle...

The clinic this week began as a clinic and turned into the instructor riding the trails with us and doling out advice. I still learned a ton while following along with the guests. We have another next week.

I have decided to send Ringo to someone who can ride him tired each day. He's begun acting up and I think he's ready to have a job.  I think he's just going through his teenage years. I just can't do it with the guests.

I also have had some 'ah ha', moments with Charlie. I've been doing some cattle work this week, sorting and whatnot, and am discovering that not only is my seat improving, but my cues to my horse are as well-and Charlie can cut! I don't know if he is finally just really tuning in on what i'm asking, or i'm finally giving him the right amount of direction, or a combo of the two-but we are having fun! He's starting to really roll back and work off his hind end. He zeros in on the cattle i'm cutting and has some great instinct on anticipating their next move. Loving it!

The Horny Toads are coming out and we've been finding them everywhere.

Also, I finally got the picture of Wyatt and I when we climbed to the bat caves!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not My Year

Taking Wyatt to The North Pole in The Springs and spending time with him all weekend was a good was to put things into perspective.

Then I got home.
Not only have some not good things occured that I probably won't blog about, and that i'm having a hard time coping with anyway- but last week I decided to have my old black cat, that's been with me since I was a sophomore in college, put down. I was okay with it, but sad. She was active but skin and bones, and really wasn't doing well overall. I tried everything, but after six months of no improvement, and some worsening habits indicative of some pain, I decided it was time. What made it hard was I was accused of, "caring more about her anyway". So that was that. It made it a little harder after that.

And then today I found Dixie dead. My baby girl. The vet did my chores while I was away, so I know there was no neglect. I think it may have just been her time. But still. She was really bloated. I don't want to believe she died of bloat, I just think there were some things going on with her, and I had suspected for some time there was cancer present somewhere. She was happy and active, but had slowed down a lot. I just thought there was arthritis going on more than anything and just bought her a big bottle of glucosemine while over the hill. I truly thought I had a few more years with her.

So i'm not in the best place right now with everything. I may not post everyday this week. There is a horsemanship clinic at the ranch. I will stay busy with that all week and post when it's over. I need really good thoughts in my general direction. Sometimes I think I've been cursed with the evil eye...and if negativity can mess with my life...positive should be able to do the same right? Just make things happier? Anyway....

Saturday, July 21, 2012


So yesterday sucked. There are stronger words for it but that wouldn't be appropriate. Things just didn't go right at work, especially after I got a truck stuck in mud.  Then things went really bad on the homefront. Like really, really bad - so i'm actually in The Springs right now with a friend and her kids on our annual 'play' weekend that was planned- trying to forget there is another life waiting for me at home.

We are malling and taking the kids to The North Pole. Christmas in July. I need a little good will right now...

I love how this kid sleeps!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


There are a ton of elk and deer on the ranch. This guy and his friends were hanging out by the drive this morning.

We also have our own wildlife at home. Even though the babies were interested in the adult geese, and I think even the females may have recognized them as their own somehow (they started calling to them and following then around) - the babies still prefer human company.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All in a Days Work

Riding horses and trying to find missing cattle. That was my day. There's a few hot horses in the herd we wanted to put some miles on so we went looking for missing weanlings on them. Then we found where a tree limb took out the fence and when I got off the horse and looped the reins over my forearm, the mare took me off my feet and pulled me underneath her. She was totally careful not to step on me but the inside of my arm is rope burned. Ouch.

She was a good horse today and did well. I can't blame her for being scared.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Work Day

No guests today so we rolled electric wire and took down temporary fence. Afterwards I rode our mystery horse we knew nothing about. After some round pen work I decided he was okay to get on. He did pretty well. There's a few things he doesn't know but was quiet.

It was a hot day and even Mac was looking for relief.

A few weeks ago I hatched some geese. After a power failure and humidity problems I had to help four hatch. There had been nine but the ready didn't hatch. Three total made it but I wasn't sure they'd survive since I helped then hatch. Luckily I did the right thing as they were stuck in the shell due to the low humidity and now think I am their mommy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Crestone Ride

It took seven hours to get from one side of the dunes, around through the mountains and into the Baca near Crestone. Charlie and I were both covered in sweat and dirt once we got through, but it was gorgeous.

There was a creepy old house out there in the middle of nowhere though.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

La Garita Wilderness

Today had the potential to be awesome, except the weather turned sour...we drove up to Creede to head into The Wheeler Geographic Region on horseback....halfway there it started to cloud up...then we ran into two hikers who had turned back due to lightning they saw on the horizon.

We also decided to turn back as it started to thunder, and ended up getting totally poured on. I have to say though, I was riding Charlie and he booked it back up that mountain with no shoes on, stayed sure footed on rocky, slippery uphill climbs and got us through the absolute worst weather i've ever been caught in. That's a lot for a horse that bucked me off last week and is on my boss' **** list. Which brings me too another point...

Too much green grass. My horses are not grazing all day anymore, and it seems my example is being followed. Charlie and Ringo have both been great after their incidents so I truly hope that was a big part of their issues.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gordan Rocks

Our baby is so sweet. He thinks he's a dog. He is the favorite of the ranch.

Speaking of dogs, Roxy is seriously chill and i'm so glad we adopted her.

And we got out first strawberry! Wyatt ate it.

Bat Cave

Thursday Edition
Short ride today. Then I took Rumba and Tootsie to be bred. Then I hiked to the bat caves with some guests with wyatt. Not many pics...or rather picture issues...so I'll get those eventually.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Could Today Have Gotten Any Worse?

Wednesday Edition
For whatever reason i've had posting issues....

Ringo bucked me off, I broke my bosses headstall, the dry cows we brought on for auction had a brand new calf I had to piggyback across the saddle a few miles...which would have been fine except I was in pain from being bucked...

My babysitter bailed for the summer so i'm stuck finding a new sitter...so things are everywhere today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


With all the rain things have cooled off a lot and the mornings have been foggy. Driving into with this morning I was shocked at the low visability.

Charlie did wonderful on a tiring ride on the dunes today. He's been really gassy so I wonder if he doesn't have a little tummy ache from all the green grass. He's not colicky but certainly had a lot of poop and gas in him for the last two days. He also felt 'sucked up' at the beginning of the last three times I've ridden him. So now I can't help but wonder if he bucked the other day in discomfort...which had always been the case in the past.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Nice ride along the Medano today on Charlie. He didn't buck me off like he did Friday (did I mention that?). Don't know what his problem is, but these random bucking fits suck. I don't think anything was bothering him this time, but maybe i'm wrong...

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rain and More Rain

Yesterday was a long day and I forgot to post. We just moved the cattle we'd moved the day before to the correct pasture...and to our surprise one of the cows had a calf in the night!

Then I had to drive out to pick up a ride that had gone behind the dunes and came out on the other side. Other than that it just rained...and it's raining more today...and we have a flood warning....what the...? Strange weather for Southern Colorado!

Here are the boys inbetween rides, definitely not staying dry. And some young bucks...trying to get out of the rain too...

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mooooving Cattle Again

The other day the cattle were moved again, although I missed it :-(  But I had the chance to pick up the bull and cows left behind. Since it was just a coupla hour job, I decided to take Ringo out. This was the first time I've worked him with guests and put him to work on the ranch. Mostly I've been riding around the corrals and in the arena. He did really well. He tested me a few times but listened to my directions. I was really impressed with him and myself since he does make me a little nervous (all in my head).

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Maggie Cheats

When my little mare is with her men she keeps everyone away, and the three make up their own little herd -but when I take her out it's a different story. Look at what I caught her doing on the backside of the trailer this afternoon!

And what is wrong with this picture? Look what my chicken hatched out!

Monday, July 02, 2012


The monsoon season is here! Clouds and rain most afternoons! yeah!

Had a nice ride today with some new guests. Got to watch the bison come down to water at the 'lake' and had lunch at the Trujillo house. Rumor has it that the sheep and cattle ranchers fought over grazing land and this house was burnt down when some fued escalated, and the families' three little girls died and now haunt the area...