Friday, March 29, 2013

Been Awhile...

Since starting a second job as the Rio Grande County Tourism Board assistant in working on marketing and advertising - I haven't had two seconds to myself.  It's been wild.  I also am in charge of all the social networking, and since I do not facebook or twitter it's been a bit of a challenge to get people to view the sites.  If anybody reading wants to check out what I have rolling and give suggestions, or like, or follow...please do!
twitter: @riocountry

It's spring break - actually it's about over. It really was a mild winter, and it started warming up in February, so we've played outside as much as possible. Wyatt and I headed to Denver with some buddies to explore for a few days - this was the result:

Wyatt chillin' with the mermaids - couldn't stop asking me to "find her" once they were gone. He panned for gold, fed the stingrays and got a tattoo of a shark too!

Chuck-e-Cheese, swimming and playing with his balloon dragon at IHOP. Went on a roller-coaster simulator and had a blast!

The Wildlife Experience Museum - very cool for little ones. Ran through a maze, pet hissing cockroaches, went fishing and even caught a 3D movie on baby animals!

This place is a ZOO!  Awesome ideas and fantastic for little ones - but run on the premise that parents will interact and 'police' their own children....not so much.  Even Wyatt had sensory overload with all the craziness and screaming and kept putting his hands over his ears. Obviously I wasn't impressed.  I wish the staff would get it organized because the whole idea is so cool for hands on play and discovery - if your kid gets the chance. Despite that Wyatt had a good time exploring each station and didn't let the bigger kids push him around.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warmer Weather

Took advantage of the warmer weather this weekend to play at the park with friends!  Nice to get outside to enjoy the sun after a chilly winter!