Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Think I Own It!

The Annual Door Decorating Contest that is. Since I kicked some bootie last year with my 3D tree, I decided I had to try again. Check out my door in the new school this year:
I also beaded a bunch of snowflakes for my classroom. I was at the bead shop the other night and they had these cool wire snowflake frames for like $2/6 to bead. I thought it would be a fun project for my stepdaughter to make ornaments for family at Christmas, and then got into it myself. I'm going back to buy more frames tonight! Simple, easy and elegant project! Oh yeah - and cheap too if you buy your beads at Wally World! Aren't they pretty?

Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's Feeling a Lot Like Christmas!

First off, I need to put a shout out to Galloping Grace Youth Ranch in New Mexico. They are a non-profit organization that caters to children on their ranch. Each year they host a Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Corral. We missed out on pumpkins this year and were determined to get our tree from them. Alas, between the funeral and a cranky sick husband we just didn't make it. I'm bummed. Hoping for next year!

So we put our tree up this weekend!

Santa visited a little early as my little man has finally made the connection between his hands and his eyes! We first noticed it in his swing when we attached the tray with toys. He definitely was reaching and manipulating!

He's such an active little boy and loves to stand supported, so we decided it was time for a jumper. With some serious online searches involved, we finally found an affordable one at Wally-World, of all places. He loves to bounce in it and play with the toys!

I also have been meaning to post forever about Tinkerbell, the Pony. I finally found her a good home! As I refused to sell her for pennies, a friend approached me with a fair trade. Tinkerbell has gone to live with a little girl who loves her and rides her regularly, and in exchange I got this:

Tootsie, the Mini. She eats less. Has a Shag carpet for a coat. And is Wyatt new trusty stead (when he learns to ride next summer). As she comes up to my waist, I'm not too concerned about falls.