Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

A monkey and his banana. Could life get any better?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Didn't I Say I Wasn't Going to Do This Anymore?

Dude - What's up?

I did, didn't I? I can't believe I'm home all the time but don't get a post up more often! Ok I swear I didn't pose this kid for this picture. I didn't even notice what he was doing with his hand until after I took the picture.

In the news:
I'm taking my full maternity leave so I get to stay home until Thanksgiving. I was considering going back earlier, but I have faith in my sub who has all my detailed lesson plans, and I'd have to pay the babysitter anyway so I might as well stay home with my peanut.

Speaking of the peanut - we had our 2 month check up (2 weeks late) and Wyatt weighs 11lbs 5.5 oz. and is 24 inches long! He's in the 50th percentile with everything but his length - he's in the 70th percentile for that!

He's still a good baby - and sometimes gets through the majority of then night. I figure if I can get him down by 12 and he doesn't get up until 5 then I count that as a full night. Unfortunately he's usually up at 2 or 3 also. He's a happy baby! Always smiling! We have a Bumpo 'cause this kid wants to be part of everything and laying down just isn't acceptable!

I'm taking this time to get rest, and start some projects. I've been going to knit shop at least once a week and am working on a few different projects for the holidays! I'll post about them soon!

Also new news in the animal department! I'll post about that soon as well!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guilty Pleasure...and Burp Rags

I have a guilty pleasure. I've never been a big television watcher, but when I'm nursing, pumping, or am hanging out with the little man while he wears himself out for the next nap I get a little bored. TV is a good distraction since I'm a multitasker and need to do something other than just sit there. There's been a lot of news, CSI and....Jerseylicious. I love Jerseylicious. I love how innocently ignorant the girls are on it, I love the drama, I love how they talk and I love to see what they are wearing from episode to episode. I want to be a Jersey girl sometimes. I already have one criteria down as I'm Italian. It makes me laugh. I mean seriously, how can you not laugh at Olivia discovering shoes other than heels? And ones with wheels at that?! Who never told her there were shoes with wheels?! And then watching her try and get the hang of them? It's refreshing to see I'm not the biggest dork in the world afterall.

Yes, yes...I know I'm a huge tomboy and don't mind getting dirty and if I go to a salon more than once a year it's some sort of record and pig's must be flying if I do something other than a pony tail - but sometimes I think I'd like to be that high maintenance and be Olivia for a day.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out the Style channel on Sunday night. I have to share that fabulousness.

How many burp rags does a new mommy need? I've lost count. They are seriously all over the house; laying in strategic places to help combat my crazy spitting child. I have taken the burp rags to a new level and am collecting stylish, one of a kind designs. There are the cowboy and classic car homemade cloths my childhood neighbor made, the soft, tasteful clothes my mom made to match the quilt she sewed I want to frame instead of use, the flannel cloths in fun designs that can double as a blanket I ordered from etsy, the colorful traditional cloths from the store...
Perhaps I have been more influenced by Jerseylicious than I thought...

In other baby news - Wyatt has officially graduated from newborn diapers and certain newborn clothes into 0-3 month sizes! Yeah! My child has no butt so I've been able to hold out for awhile. He still wears newborn sizes if he has top and bottom separates, but any pj's with feet are looking a little short for him and uncomfortable. Baby clothes sizes kill me. They are so random. We'll be in 0-3 sizes for awhile now - like for 4 months. Everything is HUGE on him. Maybe because he doesn't have a butt? He's also very slim. He's growing like a weed, but is just very compact. He was born with muscle definition in his legs and arms and instead of it turning to cute little baby rolls, my kid looks like a long, lean little cowboy. Go figure.

See - no butt!