Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not All Can Kiss My Rear End

I don't want you all to think life is miserable ALL the time. Actually, it isn't at all. Just a bit trying. I've waited a long time to meet a great guy and I'm not going to give anyone any reason to believe I don't deserve him. I just need a ranting post every now and then...

Burning the fields behind the house a few weeks ago. I didn't know this was happening and heard the roar while trying to unpack in the back room. Being a wildland firefighter I knew what it was, but it freaked me out until I saw that it was a controlled burn through the dry grass. Then it was just fun to watch!

The poultry can roam free here!!! They are so such happy little (and not so little) birds! Notice how the Turkey is always strutting his stuff? He's a Blue Slate and weighs about 50 lbs. Nate has named him 'Hank', and won't let me have him butchered - however he's getting a little aggressive and I might bring him to auction anyway.

We have apples!!! It's just a little tree, but there were a half dozen on it this year. Unfortunately we had a horrid wind storm and now they are all on the ground. I did go get them but they are a bit tart!

All That and More

You'd think that people would be happy that I treat Nate's daughter as my own. You'd think that there could be concern she wasn't my number one priority, and that when I had my own children she would be put to the side, but that my actions speak otherwise. You'd think that because she's so obviously important to me that I would not be ridiculed and abused. Whatever. If Nate makes a decision that isn't agreed upon it's my fault. The woman has been waiting years for someone like me; a whipping boy; her own personal scapegoat. My looks are wrong, my age is wrong, my religion is wrong...

I feel like I am the embodiment of all that is wrong with this world right now - let's not look at who a person really is and determine if they are decent through actions, words and deeds, but instead on personal prejudices and hatred and ignorance.

I became a teacher because I felt this world was past that on a whole and we could learn from all this. I teach prejudices. We study and read about how things have come to be due to them, and the sufferings people have lived all over the world. I never thought in a million years I, (especially an upper middle-class, white chick who has always been privileged compared to many) would be prejudiced against. We live in a world where ignorance is no longer an excuse and tolerance is preached on every corner. Have people become so blind and deaf to all that has been fought for?

Perhaps the 'dark ages' aren't so far behind. I have never felt so much hatred in my life. And it is backfiring on her and her family. I am not backing down. I am not becoming bitter and hateful. I am kind, considerate and respectful. I have more empathy for those who have dealt with prejudice and racism. And now that I have 'walked that mile' (or rather, a very small percentage of it); I have become even a better teacher.

I win.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love this web site. I still haven't figured out how to copy an image unless I print it and scan it - and even though you can get an html code, it's really small. It's awesome for my job since we deal with language daily, and it's fun to boot.

It's also a great way to blow off steam during the day (if you click on it you can see it in more detail).

Friday, September 11, 2009

So What I've Really Been Doing...

...along with reining in my temper concerning stupid women. By and by, she called me and left a message apologizing. Too bad it sounded more like 'since she'd do anything to keep her family' ('cause I'm keeping them from her), she must apologize so I would please, please let her see them again...oh well. I'm such a bad person I guess. I suppose it's a step in the right direction, although Nate called and told her if she was sincere then many things were going to change - namely that we will be respected in our decisions as a family and if she disagrees then she needs to keep her mouth shut. And childish behavior and verbal abuse will not be tolerated in any way. So....we'll see.

But really - life has been moving on. We're having a VERY, VERY early Homecoming this year due to new school construction and I'm going crazy as usual. We've had all kinds of fundraisers and guess who's in charge. How does that always happen? I'd actually like to do my real job - namely teaching...

And despite my address being the same - I moved into the house Nate and I will be calling home come November. It's a little down the road and there are no crazy neighbors to deal with, however it is a little smaller and right now we're dealing with storage. Storing extras, things we won't need until we have a larger home, animals....The horses have pasture and we need to put up more fence for them. The dogs have a big pen and can run around the yard too. The chickens...well the chickens will be sharing part of their pen with a new addition very soon (it's a surprise) but here's what we all did last weekend:

Holding up the wall (I'll probably be accused of child labor with this pic, but what d o you do when they want to help?)

All the dogs helped out too (see the awesome doghouse in the background that Nate built for them this summer!?)

Unhappy poultry in a horse trailer (too bad I didn't get me trying to move them on video...real fun I tell ya)

Wait until you see the finished product!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Apology???

Sunday Morning-
"I'm sorry. Like Danielle said, I'm a disgrace. Can we have your daughter the rest of the weekend?"

Huh? Disgrace? When did I say that? Oh yeah - in the letter I supposedly sent her telling her that (we think she sent it to herself...and no Andrea, not enough time for yours to get there if you wrote one). Or perhaps there are more people out there who think her behavior is ridiculous. That's me: the Scapegoat. Let's spell that together: S-C-A-P-E-G-O-A-T. Oh lucky me. I MAKE her behave in such a silly manner. For shame.

Anywho - she threw a Labor Day Party. Guess who all wasn't invited? But she's sorry. Really. Really. REALLY.

AND - we have permission from the restaurant my parent's want to extend the reception into the bar area after the place opens to the public for dinner. Yeah.

Now for all the details in planning. It's a bit crazy and it's Homecoming Week here - so I'm crazy. Fun times I tell ya.

And No, Nate's Daughter did not go with her - she stayed with us through the Labor Day weekend. We will not allow anyone to put her in the middle of anything, and that includes childish behavior from adults who will apologize to get their own way. And we had fun!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

What the...?

Well, things don't get better I guess. I'm not sure what the problem is, but evidently I'm the devil re-incarnate. Like you all didn't already know that?

I've got some cool venues for the reception - Ford Conference Center, Greenfield Village...but my father and I are bumping heads. Let's just say I want more than two hours to thank everyone and eat. Is that unreasonable?

If I know it wouldn't hurt feelings I'd elope...maybe. I don't really want to though.

Isn't this all supposed to be fun?