Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Flood

On top of crashed servers, burned out computers and general anxiety this semester at school, we had a flood also. The week before midterms no less. Of course. And State basketball. And Science Fair.
So midterms were embraced by the start of the new quarter instead because school was shut down for two days before the weekend. 4200 gallons of water poured out of a science room sprinkler when an experiment set it off and nobody knew how to turn them off because only one person knew that protocol. And they weren't here. Typical. It ran down the halls and through the floor and collapsed the ceilings below. It was a mess. Because the sprinkler system went off the fire alarm went off and the fire department had to respond. They could have left, but they didn't. Instead, the ones that bothered to show up stayed and swept water down the halls for over two hours to help us out while we salvaged computers, backpacks and science fair projects.
On top of all that we're one of the new schools that was built by the Neenan company that are under review because some of their schools have not been structurally sound....nice.....Luckily our structural issues have been minimal and are being fixed...but still....there are structural issues. I guess we should feel lucky we are not like some of their other schools that have been condemned....or have had portions collapse.