Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Manner of Beast Is This?

Peeking out of my Trailer Windows (I still need to fix) with glowing eyes?

Oh it's just Ned! Wondering when he gets to join his lady an their baby.Check out my bearskin rug! It's so luxurious!

Oh Wait! That's just Skipper's Smokin Chex AKA Smack! He has the longest hair of any yearling I have ever seen. You can see how tall he's getting and how his legs have almost completely straightened out after all the problems I had with him as a baby (due to 'cooking' a little too long in mom!).

And then here's Rebel who is turning into quite the looker. He's almost 3 now and was saved from having his nuts cut off last Friday due to a freak snowstorm. We have to lucky did he get? I'd love to keep him at stud as he has fantastic conformation and breeding with a disposition to match, but I don't really need an uncut horse on the property right now (even though he is penned right next to Rumba, my broodmare who is in perpetual heat, and doesn't ever try to get at her).

I think he has a great head (even in a bad photo)!

And then there's this thing at almost 18 weeks...that keeps growing and growing...

and growing...I'm actually wearing maternity pants here, but I'm still actually in a few of my regular baggy cargo pants that I can still button and almost all my jeans with the help of a Bella Band (LOVE those things!). What's really making me crazy is 'the gals' keep growing too, and they were big enough to begin with so it's not very comfortable. I'm hoping to hit a plateau soon or I'm going to have to do some serious bra shopping.

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Internet!

Sorry I've been missing! We had Spring Break and our internet hub is screwed and we need a new one! I'll update this week!

We were supposed to be in Costa Rica on our honeymoon. We're having a baby instead. Nice huh? I really would like to get away with my hubby though. We don't get to be alone...EVER. We have a 5 year old. And family we can't trust with her...or she comes back a warped little _____ (fill in the blank). Our marriage really needs a honeymoon. Really.

I'll try and get a belly picture up this week also.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Top 5 Pregnancy Shirts

There's a billion things out there to spend money on while pregnant or for the baby. Personally we're broke, and I'm not a big fan of having a ton of stuff that only gets worn or used for a few months - but it's fun to look! Of the baby t-shirts I think these sum up how I've been feeling lately:

Shirt #1 - because right now I just look like I've been overeating...a LOT! I can't wait to actually look pregnant instead of just 'heavy'.

Shirt #2 - because people are actually starting to reach out and touch it. It's MINE!

Shirt #3 - because I'm a hockey fan, and this just sums it all up...
Shirt #4 - because I crave them more than ANYTHING! Mmmmmm...salty potatoes...

Shirt #5 - because it would piss off my in-laws. And I miss it .

Styles were found on and !

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet Gigit

This was in the goat pen when I got home from school Monday:Ned and the goose were both acting like proud papa's. Unfortunately (for them) they both have been banished from the goat pen for awhile. She came a little earlier than planned, but it seems momma took care of everything without any help from us! To get an idea of her size, here she is near the cats (but not too near because Shirley is a very protective mother!) - about the size of a smallish cat (the gray cat, Luna is the next soon-to-be momma):

When she nurses she wags her tail (excuse my baby talk - but she's just so darn cute!):

See Gigit jump and play! She's quite active and likes to climb up in my lap and nibble my clothes:

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

But Wait, There's More...

The body doesn't have to be embalmed afterall. Only the correct forms need to be filled out.

So picture this: Corpse. Not embalmed. No Coffin. Body Bag. Mini-van.

And can I mention that 'body fluids' were commented on to my husband? We are both completely creeped out.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Question of the Day

I guess in Colorado, once a body has been embalmed, it can be transported by anyone who signs the right forms. I have a few thoughts about transporting a corpse, but I'm curious to know what you all think...

If you had a close family member die a few hours away from where they are to buried, and the hospital is willing to let you sign the papers for transportation once you have the body embalmed; would you chose to transport the body, or let the hospital deliver to it to the funeral home for you? To add to this, you don't have to have a coffin.

Weekend at Bernie's anyone?

I'd like to note that this does confirm a few more things in my mind about some people in my life.