Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Serious Little Helper

Wyatt loves to help out in the yard. He drags the hoses everywhere and picks up whatever Mac has managed to 'hoard' onto the lawn from the outlying fields (sticks, bones, broken toys, cans, if we could just teach him to put them in the trash).

He's so serious about what he's doing when he gets focused.

His favorite thing is to help feed the dogs. He has to take food from one bowl and carry it over to the other. Dixie thinks it's great since she's usually finished first and he's handing her the other dogs' food. They've all figured out that they can clean up whatever he drops while he's 'helping'. It's so funny to watch him crawling under Dixie, around Mac, over Wrigley while they hop around him, walk over him and basically try to see who can get to what he drops first.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Designer Butts, Homey and the Couch Potato

My kid has designer diapers. No joke.

He also likes to wear his pants down around his butt. We call him Homey.
And he has a thing for the couch he got for his birthday. It's the first thing he goes for when he gets home each day. He walks over to it and flops down. It's too funny.

Can you guess who he might be mimicking with that book in hand? He'll often prop his legs up on it also and lean against the arm. I think I live on the coach with a book when I'm not outside..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blast From the Past

Hey Michigander's - Remember this from your childhood?

My brother used to run around doing the baba boo thing from the flamingo and saying,"my makeup, my makeup!" and "5 minutes, just 5 minutes" to drive us nuts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I recently brought Ringo back into the home pasture to be with the rest of the horses. They've been a little rough on him since he's never been part of this herd before. He's very independent anyway so he's taking it alright.

I let him out to graze on the lawn from time to time and just be around the family and noise and dogs and anything else that he should get used to. Mac is super happy to have his buddy back!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This dog is seriously turning out to be the bestest dog ever. His herding instincts have kicked in, and though he may be a bit pup-ish at home, when I get on a horse he knows he's going to work.
People have been asking at the ranch where I had him trained and what I have done with him. When I tell them he's only 9 months old and I haven't done anything with him but take him with me, they are amazed. He's that good of a dog.

What could make a happier life for a dog when he spends it herding bison, cattle and horses....chasing birds and grasshoppers on thousands of acres....swimming in the stock tanks...and generally just getting to hang out?

Not too bad for a free dog! That's Maggie's feet he's sleeping next too. Those two have an understanding...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ranch Pictures

I really am enjoying it there and am snapping pictures whenever the opportunity arises. Since I'm mostly on horseback sometimes the pics don't always come out to clearly, but occasionally I get a few good ones.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...Part 2

Can you tell what this picture is?

Went to work on Sunday at the Ranch. We had a visitor the night before that broke into my friends house and ate all her sugar:

At least that's all he did before taking out her screen door! I caught the little bugger sniffing back around the house that afternoon. He wasn't too worried about me. There's been such a drought here that there isn't enough food for these guys and they are getting to be pests. Everyone is afraid there is going to be a huge die-off this winter due to lack of food. That and huge problems with them trying to find that food...

The managed herd is used to being worked on horseback and with people near them - this gal let me get up next to her on foot to take a picture. That is not something we would do with our wild herd as Bison are quite dangerous...not at all like cattle. We keep a few hundred aside that are worked regularly so guests can get closer for pictures and the experience.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...Delayed...Part 1

We had a great Labor Day Weekend! On Saturday we went to the local 'gator farm (brought in to clean up waste from a Tilapia business), got a hair cut (our first!) and checked out the Early Iron car show!
Check out Part 2 soon to come...