Monday, August 31, 2009

I Believe the Bridges Have Been Burned

A taste of the rest of my life (I didn't actually say what I wanted to say - I just shared that here and, believe it or not, stayed calm):

1) All you are looking for is a meal ticket (seriously? Is that why I have a career?).

2) You can't have anything I bought for her. It's mine (good thing I have a career so I can keep cloths on her back then!).

3) You're an 'explicative' (Really? Actually, I think you may take the cake on that one sweetheart).

4) I must have raised him to be stupid (WTF).

5) You're not going to win (Is this a game? However, I think I already have...).

6) If I can't have her whenever I want her, I don't want her at all (so this isn't about her best interests afterall, but your loss of freakish control. Right?).

7) What is wrong with you that you're 31 and haven't been married yet? ( Maybe because I haven't sat around picking my butt and letting a man take care of me for the last 20 years...OR...because I have a life and don't have to live it through my children?).

And my personal favorite (though it was hard to choose between this one and #7:

8) I'd beat you up if I was in a relationship with you...(Huh? Doesn't even warrant a response. However I think I could take her...).

Yup, I'm fine. I'd still like to salvage it as it is family, however I'm not calling the shots concerning this one. My calm, easy going man has been pushed over the edge. I just hope things work out in the long run.

I like to see the humor in it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Small Preview of the New Place

This isn't zoomed fact, it's only about 50 feet from the house. The hawks have a nest across the street and are teaching their young to hunt in the fields next to me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Been Crazy Alright...

Sorry it's been awhile, but I've been as nuts as usual. Michigan rocked. We got in Wednesday afternoon, chilled out, tried on dresses, got invitations, met with the church, showed my dad's car in the Dream Cruise, met up with friends, attended a wedding in Chicago and flew out Monday morning.

The rest of last week was spent moving and cleaning house, putting horses in pasture until I have more fence built, getting things together for school, going crazy...

And now I'm back to school getting it all together even more before the kids show up on Monday. Fun.

Also a bit disappointed in my future MIL. She hightailed it out of state with Nate's daughter without discussing the situation with him while were gone. Unfortunately because of it she was unable to meet her teachers, pick up her pony or go to the lake with us on a family weekend we had planned. I'm still hot about it. I totally respect her for all she's done for Nate, but somewhere in there she's forgotten that he is the parent. And it makes me feel like I must not be good enough for her granddaughter either.

So we spent part of the weekend at Lake Navajo boating, wake boarding, water skiing, hanging with friends, bbqing, etc. It was fun and a good break. I finally felt like I was back in my element. I'd almost forgotten how much I miss the water! Supposedly there are pics somewhere so I'll try and get those.

The Dream Cruise was awesome. I'm such a classic car girl. I told Nate this was my wish list.
They just don't make cars this detailed anymore.

Look a little closer at this beauty...

Like the tailpipes?

Check out these beauties. I'd be hard pressed to pick one out for myself, but I think I'd have to go with the '62 Corvette. I'm a 'vette gal through and through...Can you guess which one it is?

And my daddies car. Actually, it's my mommies - but she lets him pretend it's his. It's a '65 Bel Air.

More to come...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As Promised...

I know they've been long awaited...part of the problem is that Nate has a beautiful smile...when he isn't in front of a camera. We decided to have a fantastic photographer (a friend and mother of my students) take some pics of us to try and get him to smile 'nicely'. These are some of the proofs we have that I still need to touch up some, but I thought I'd finally share!!!

I didn't feel right not including Nate's daughter in this so we had some family photos taken also.

It seems we have a budding photographer in the family. Our friend gave Nate's daughter a camera while we were working on smiles and she caught some of my favorite pictures that were taken. Not bad for a Four year old eh?

A girlfriend and former student of mine raises and shows Brebant Belgians; large draft horses for pulling wagons and heavy hauling. She has one she rides all over and we went for a visit and riding lessons. Nate is learning to ride and is quite a natural and enjoys it a lot (which sometimes makes the best rider since there is no 'bad habits' to unlearn), and his daughter is overcoming her fears of riding. I hate to admit this, but I got her bucked off a horse at the beginning of the summer. It was a freak accident on a very well broke horse - and she was fine- and did get back on a horse with me later that day, but we've been working on getting her back on by herself. She has bit by bit, but she was totally comfortable with these huge horses and it provided a breakthrough - enough of one that we decided to purchases a pony for her and she has already been lead around on her and watched me ride her and is very excited to bring her home after Nate and I get back from Michigan. She understands this pony is her responsibility and need to brush her everyday and learn to ride her on her own. This may be my breakthrough with her.

Learning to "drive" (we are working on cowgirl 'gear'. It's a process).

Completely in control! I'm just along for the ride!

See our lead changes at a trot?

Watch me dad and see how it's done -

On my own!

Just so you all have an idea of the size of these horses...the riding pics don't do them justice!

Many of you want to try and meet up Thursday night! I'd love to ! Give a call! I can't wait to see everyone!!! Hope this satisfied the picture cravings!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The PLAN...

Okay - here's the run down for our trip to Michigan. We'll arrive Wednesday afternoon. I think my mom and I are going to go look at dresses and I have an appointment on Thursday morning also. Since the folks live about 5 minutes from Downtown B'ham we're going to go check out the cars on display also since it's Dream Cruise weekend. We're meeting with the church Friday morning and showing my dad's Bel Aire Friday evening and then leaving for Chicago Saturday morning for my cousins' wedding. We will be back Sunday afternoon. Then we go home Monday.

So - for getting together - Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon and night, Friday night...As I said, my parents are right in Birmingham so for you car freaks you should meet us! I haven't been to Dream Cruise in years and have always loved just hanging out and looking at the cars. It's also a good family type thing so for those of you with kids I haven't met yet...I'd love to meet them! Just give yourself some extra driving time as traffic gets hairy. If that sounds like fun to anyone give me a call and I'll get you directions to my parent's place.

I'd also love to hit some of the bars in Royal Oak or head out to some yummy dinner one night with you all!

Coming up next: Pictures! I promise! Look for them sometime Tuesday!!!