Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode to the Denim Skirt or
Why I Don't Dress Up or
Show Some More Leg!!!
(and why I don't write poetry)

I found you
On the clearance rack
The price was such a steal
I snagged you up and brought you home
I still can't believe the deal

With a sweatshirt
With a sweater
A sash tied round my waist
A button down or tank top
You went with anything

My boots looked great
beneath you hem
Winter, Spring and Fall
You made my wardrobe incredibly complete
The most versatile item of all

But then one
Bright, sunny afternoon
When heading home from work
While hitching up a trailer
Your side split wide open, dear skirt

There's reasons why
Cowgirls don't wear skirts
And this lesson goes to prove
When dressing up to show some leg
Be careful how you move!

R.I.P Denim Skirt!

And for a close up:

Oh how I crack myself up...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ask Danielle...

I'm afraid I'm on my soapbox this morning. Question number one of the day (question number two is a happy one):

Why keep animals, especially dogs, if all they are is a lawn ornament?
I was woken up this morning by INSISTENT barking by one of my neighbors dogs. This is not the same dog I'm going to shoot, but rather an elderly, gentle, very sweet German Shepherd mix who is tied to the same post day in and day out and who has no contact with people other to be fed and watered. I talk to her while doing chores in the morning while she sits there and wags her tail. It's probably the most attention she gets each day.

If my dogs are barking non stop I want to know why. And if there is no good reason? I tell them to be quiet. Because of this they don't bark except to give warning when someone pulls up and then it's just a bark or two and they are done. I often get concerned if it continues. At 5am this morning when said neighbor's dog barked for an hour and a half did anyone come out to tell her to hush, see what was wrong, etc? No. Did I get up amongst my dog's protesting that they could not sleep any longer? Yes. Was there anything wrong? No. Or I'm sure one of my dogs would have let me know.

I also brush my dogs every few days, let them run, take them for walks and up to the mountains, let them ride in the truck, sleep at the foot of the bed and generally just love them as the great companions they are. Are they well behaved? Other that a little sassiness every now and then; they are extremely well behaved because I've spent a lot of time with them to train them to be that way.

Is said neighbor's dog well behaved? I'd say yes, probably because it's just in her nature, but she has got to learn some manners, and her owners need to seriously either find a home where she will be loved on (as cats, little dogs, big dogs and mostly all people have been put on this earth for her to wag her tail at and snuggle against), or spend some time with her. I feel so bad for her that it makes me feel guilty when I'm swearing at her at 5am in the morning.

What is so great about spring in the SLV?

For starters I always HATED spring until I moved here. Usually it is mushy, wet, yucky, icky, overcast and downright disgusting in Michigan. Here it is sunny, slightly damp, warm and breezy (ok - downright windy). But the point is it isn't gross.

It's amazing how quickly we've slipped into spring here. I only have to fill the woodstove once an evening and not at all during the day. I don't mind if the hose freezes each night because it thaws during the day. I don't need to keep a bulb in the pump house. My chickens are thinking of laying again. I don't freeze if I don't put a coat on to go to work. And I can sit on the porch each night and take in the inky blackness of the sky and the pinpricks of billions of stars as my dogs run around before we go to bed.

Spring is here!
Some other things to look forward to:

The endless fields of wild iris that will shortly be in bloom:

The fuzzy orange baby cranes going for strolls with their mums and dads:

"Stand tall for the lady, junior. Don't slouch"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well - nobody wanted my free stuff, so I closed comments and only one person it getting something. I'm assuming this isn't a real poplar 'tag' per se, but it's simple and fun! C'mon people! Where's your sense of adventure?! I was digging into homemade candles and good books this weekend in anticipation!

Anywho - helped load 7 tons (yes, 14,000 lbs) of hay Saturday, worked some horses, made myself a steak and potato dinner and crashed. I was supposed to rope down a cow who has a bit of wire twisted around her leg Sunday for a neighbor, but he called it off at noon as his girlfriend was being a pain and 'needed' him to spend time with her. Oh well. Wire cuts off circulation of cow leg = costly. Girlfriend mad = priceless? Why date someone who doesn't get what you do for a living? I don't get it and I could write a book about these gals everyone seems to choose over me, but I'm not going to go there right now. I KNOW my problem: I don't NEED a man - I just want one. Funny how that works in being passed over.

Since the wind kicked up some I used it as an excuse to clean house, brush horses, take the dogs for a walk, read and grade papers. Weather here is 'falling' into spring fast. Nights are double digits and days are hitting in the 50's. I'm so glad. It was a mild winter and early spring, but if it had been like last year I don't even want to speculate on all the other problems that would most likely would have happened. Everyone was pretty lazy as the as the afternoon wore on as the following candids show:

This is bunni's favorite spot; hanging off the windowsill. She's getting big and is extremely affectionate.

Wrigley is healing up fast! He's such a trooper.
He loves to lay in front of the woodstove. He's layed claim to the little carpet I use to catch the ashes on.

Maggie and Rumba bask in the warm spring sun. After I took this picture I went and laid on top of Maggie. She loves me to lay on her back and scratch her neck. She's such a good girl.
Charlie and Rebel wanted to see what was up too as I took pictures. Charlie got some lovin' too, but Rebel isn't too sure about being touched while he's laying down. He'd rather stand up and stick his nose in my chest. You can really see how big he is laying next to Charlie (the one one the right). Charlie is a rather large (15 hand) appendix, who is built like a brick ****house, and Rebel rivels both his height and girth. Don't mind my fences, they need to be re-stretched! What you lookin' at?

Dixie helping with the papers.

Out cold. That's what grading papers makes me feel like too. Can you believe she sleeps like that?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Totally forgot to post this! Busy and have a head cold...great combo - Got the idea from Alanna and decided to participate! Way fun!

The first FIVE people to respond to this post will get something from me!

My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I do, but I'll try!
2- It'll be done this month.
3- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be makeup, shoes, bags, or a little invention of my own! I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something. I might send you a dust bunny from under the bed. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!

Here's the catch - you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. Be sure to post a picture of what you win from me when you get it!

If you are one of my 5 and you know I don't have your e-mail address or snail-mail address please e-mail it! The link is on the left!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life's Funny Like That!

This is for Debby on her last day of chemo!

You Rock!

And because we all need some laughs...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Look

Thought it was time for my own look. With all that's been going on with me, I've been spending a lot of time just re-assessing who I really am, and who and what doesn't need to be a part of my life anymore. It's been refreshing!

I'm going to change the look of my header from time to time using my own photography. This is yet another thing that seems to have fallen to the wayside and I'm not going to let it anymore.

So I had a fun 3 day, men -bashing, v-day weekend! It wasn't so men-bashing as originally planned, since I hung out with guys as much as I did the girls, but we dubbed them honorary gals for the weekend anyway as long as they didn't cause any drama.

Friday evening started rough when I arrived home from a long day to find an antagonizing note on my door. I didn't let it get to me, but the longer I thought about it the more upset I was. I was at my friend's parent's house when the guy down the road stopped by and told me I was going to the bar. I haven't been to the bar here in 2 years and said no. I ended up going (twist my arm!) and had a blast! I ran into a colleague's son and we danced all night. I haven't done that in OVER 2 years (no, I'm not getting old, I've been repressed).

Saturday I chilled with the gals. I was a bit wore out from the night before and called it in pretty early, but was up Sunday in the mountains with a guy friend getting some dry wood for the woodstove and tooling around on the Ranger. I took the dogs with me and they had a blast! It was a beautiful day! I ended it by taking my friend's son to the Sand Dunes pool to soak in the hot water.

The Twin Peaks - Two 14er's I look out to from my house. Though we're about 20 miles closer and about 2,000 feet higher here!

Wrigley had to ride with me as he couldn't keep up! I took the last of his stitches out last night and had to open up a few of his scabs so he could keep draining (I know, gross, but it's either that or he gets sick) Yes - I got a little sunburned and it's not the most flattering picture but we were having fun!

Maverick and Dixie tearing it up in the tracks going up the Mountain! They were so excited to chase rabbits and bark at the coyotes they saw up there!

I spent my Monday off working horses. Maggie has been coming along great and I'm going to teach her how to drive a cart also. I decided it was time for Rebel to take a saddle. He's been so good, I put a surcingle on him last week and cinched him up tight and turned him loose to get out all the bucks, kicks and snorts - and then just get used to having something around him - but he just looked at it, looked at me, and went back to grazing. Little snot! I left it on him for an hour and he never did anything. So this weekend he only tried to eat the saddle and could have cared less how many times I lifted it up, set it on his back and took it back off. SO I cinched him up. I figured SOMETHING had to give and he'd freak about the scary stirrups banging around his belly, but he tried to eat those too. He wasn't too sure about being ponied by Charlie at first, but after about 15 minutes he was an old pro off both sides and would pace his walk and trot to Charlie's pace. I'm positive he's a keeper now (like there was ever any doubt with his breeding). I swear that barrel saddle was made for him and he's not even a full 2-year old yet! Yes, he's going to have some size to him! He's out of Pat Cohen breeding on top and Doc Bar and Sunfrost on bottom. His disposition is to kill for.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th. Seems Fitting...

...for good reasons. Namely because it isn't special to me...ever. And it's kinda lonely. It's okay if you like it though, I just don't.

I get to watch little broken hearts today in my classes as roses and candy are passed out and they didn't get any.

I want to tell them it's okay. I never did either.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Update!

Real quick - it's been a crazy week! But I'd like to cover a few things. For starters Wrigley is getting the drain tubes out tonight. Maverick has cleaned him up real well where he couldn't reach the wounds, and that has helped things scab over. Stitches still need to stay in for another week, but we're doing good! Haven't seen the other dog, but I know they are letting him out at night unsupervised and when I catch him in front of my house I'm going to shoot him. Dixie always let's me know when he's out there - she's such a good dog.

Please support our fundraiser if you can! If not - forward it on to other's who might enjoy this item! It really is quality! Make sure to add "Go Farmer's" in the message box when checking out!

Also - as a wildland firefighter I cannot ignore what has been happening in Australia. Horrible bush fires have been ripping through parts of their country leaving behind hundreds of dead people and animals. To top this all off there has also been horrible flooding. I posted the following pics off Bush Babes blog. Those of you who can make donations to Red Cross for fire and flood relief, please do. Many Australians have provided support for us through many of our fire seasons, including California last summer.

Monday, February 09, 2009

My Class Fundraiser

As a teacher I am often asked to sponsor MANY, MANY being a class. Every class is responsible for different events each year and spend a lot of time raising money for Prom during their Junior year. As a small rural community bordering 2 other school districts (and 5 potato fields) we basically have 'fundraised' the area out by Winter Break. This lead me to try and come up with unique and new ideas for fundraising that would reach a large amount of people with the least amount of work on our behalf. Please follow the directions to support the Sargent Class of 2011!!! I'd like to note this stuff is amazing!!!

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Wrigley Update

Wrigley has 17 stitches and 2 tubes running from his spine and shoulder for drainage. With care and antibiotics he should be alright, but I have him with me at school so he can get his medication. Hopefully we won't be back to the vets until late next week, but I'm not liking a site that isn't draining right and am going to try to get it to drain on my own if it doesn't by this evening.

State law in CO is I have a right to shoot the dog. I don't have to poison him or anything and Animal Control only come out if I ask. Though I do like the anti-freeze idea, I don't want any other animals to get into to, like my cats, or their other dog who is a really sweet old dog - or even one of mine.

Aggressive dogs truly aren't to blame. It's their owners who have not conditioned them correctly. I don't believe any one breed is more aggressive than another - it is how they are raised. I have seen 'family' breeds, such as collie's attack people, and Rottweiler's and Doberman be the most gentle animal with children ever (Dixie is half Rott and is more gentle with kids than most people I know - she's even had fingers poked up her butt if that explains exactly how gentle she is).

Despite having talked with the owner's in-laws multiple times about the dog, the actual owner was unaware of the severity of the situation and was appalled to hear how aggressive his dog has become. He adopted the dog and has only had it for 9 months so essentially he's still learning a lot about the animal. He would not agree to put it down however, and we discussed if he truly wanted this liability. He wants to try and contain the animal, and I understand his viewpoint, but did tell him that the next attack will involve my shotgun and the police. He was very decent about everything and said the vet bill would be paid and he took full responsibility for the dog's behavior.

It helped I had a witness who was a big guy who had known the owner for years - everyone was calm and relaxed and I simply stated my case and showed Wrigley to him. My witness also commented on how aggressive he had seen the dog be on the few times he was over. It helped a lot to prove my case. I should be a lawyer, sneaky me.

Anyway - I'm not getting what I want, namely the dog dead. BUT, the owner is aware and so are the police. There was no altercations, which makes me happy, and I haven't even heard nor seen the dog since. I just hope there are no more problems, at least concerning me.

Thanks for the good thoughts -

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shotgun or Poison?

That dog next door attacked Wrigley this morning. All the puncture wounds missed anything important, so now we're watching to make sure he doesn't go toxic from swelling. Vet thinks he got extremely lucky the bites are around his shoulders. It was like watching somebody pick my child up and shake it and then throw it on the ground. That's what this dog did.

I got no apologizes as the 'owner' wasn't home. I told his in-laws to let him I'd like to know exactly who is responsible for the dog. I didn't shoot it right away because we share the same rental land, but I sure as hell spoke with the police this morning and there is going to be an itemized bill for all my loss - chickens, vet bill, taking off work, etc...

I'm no longer the nice neighbor. And Animal Control told me I have every right to do away with the dog as I wish. I'm just scared to do anything because I don't want them to go after anything of mine so I'm going to try and talk with the owner first.

Please pray Wrigley's okay.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Gnomes Hate Me!!! and Other Adventures...

Part 1

Um -yeah - I didn't get much done this weekend. Well, I did technically, just not what I needed or wanted to get done. I did get my wood cut (cause I HAVE to) and I did get the pictures at school, but that's about it from my list. I did set up an appointment for the farrier - FINALLY!

I woke up at about 4:30 Saturday morning and couldn't sleep. Since I had so much I wanted to get done this weekend, plus grade school projects, I decided that I could start a load of laundry and read a little for some downtime. That's when I discovered this:

What is that?

Oh - I's a broken pipe in my wall. Fun.

So that took up my morning instead - finding it that is, not fixing it. Then I was asked to help move cattle. I figured why not, since I could get at least one horse exercised...but only if they could help me fix the pipe. But that didn't happen until Sunday unfortunately - though it was an easy and quick, cheap fix. PVC is cheap and all I had to do was cut it and glue it back on with pipe glue and connectors. I think it cost all of $5 and I have 9 1/2 feet left for future projects.

So by Sunday late morning I started a load of laundry. The washer filled up fine, but then everything stopped. Huh? So I get to messing around...but what is that I see on the carpet creeping out from under the washer? Water! Is it my drain? Is it froze? No. Hmmmmmm.....So I have to run the whole cycle through to get the water out so I can tip it up and see. Hmmmmm....water is now POURING from underneath. Oh - maybe it's just the hose has wiggled loose. Easy fix right? Except that's not what it was. Instead I spent about 3 hours laying on wet towels I kept layering to soak up the water trying to figure out where the water was. Thank God I'm a problem solver. I found it! The water intake/outtake was cracked. It was SOOOO small, but the plastic was SOOOO thin that it would open up and the close with out pressure behind it. I epoxied it and now tonight I will see if it worked.

Have I mentioned before I need a man? Well, if I haven't let me now...I NEED A MAN TO BE A PLUMBER AND ELECTRICIAN AND ALL THAT OTHER HOUSEHOLD STUFF I HONESTLY DON'T CARE TO LEARN ABOUT!!!! Oh yeah - and to cut the wood to...And I do want a man that will do that stuff. Not actually just pick up the phone and call someone else to do it. Seriously.

In conclusion, the Gnomes hate me. They think I need a man too.

Moving right along....

Part 2
In case you all haven't noticed, I'm much happier lately even with all the 'daily inconsistencies" I experience. Let me explain this as quickly as possible. I have cut every person out of my life that brings me down, completely and equivalently - even if that meant I was losing out on job opportunities and help with rent and wood - things that could be potential stressful situations in and of themselves. Surprisingly enough I feel better than I have in 2 years. Go figure. Maybe it was mostly one person in particular...

So added to my list of things to do were my taxes - something that will help with the stress factor - and I'm happy to say they are FILED!!! Go me!

As usual my place was a zoo on top of everything else this weekend. Here are some candids I managed to catch:

What's that in my sink? Why?

Hey! Cool owl nest in my tree in the yard! Is there something in it? Let's get closer...

Al thinks he's an Owl! Actually, the neighbors dog -I- want -to -do- away -with -and -can't -do- anything- about, chased him up the tree. He liked it up there though! Well, early last week I heard the distinctive call of the Sandhill crane and looked up to see a small flock headed to the Blanca wetlands by my house. They are great indicators of spring, but I had ever seen any so early before. I was hoping they were the start of the migration to the breeding gounds here in the valley, and I was right! Because by this weekend I was seeing and hearing this! Spring has arrived! Yeah!!!

The poultry made it through the worst of the winter even though it's been REALLY mild (30's and 40's during the day in full sunshine and hovering on both sides of 0 at night). I lost two of my best layers to that stupid dog next door. And the rooster sunk into a depression afterwards and stopped eating and crowing and died this weekend. Poor bugger. I really liked him to. Now that spring has arrived they are all starting to exhibit sign of nesting. Hopefully eggs follow soon again! I also lost two guineas, not sure why, but am happy the rest pulled through as they really don't do extreme cold well. There are some frost bit toes, but as this pic show they are getting around just fine!