Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Happened Again...

Wind storm last night. Tree fell across my drive. Was almost trapped on the place until I remembered I have two other drives (I know, I know, I'm blond and it was way early morning...) that were gated up to keep escaped livestock in. So I just opened one up and drove out!

What is it with me and falling trees?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2 In One Week!

Yup, I thought I should truly update you all with my life for real and let you see some pictures from the last few months.

Let's answer some true questions from 'The Life of Danielle':

So what major events have been occurring these last few months?

Well, after the pumphouse thawed out and water and septic were back up to par I moved home. I was working on a forest contract marking trees, but since the weather has gotten warmer in the last few weeks, I was shut down so as not to damage forest roads driving in and out. The break is nice, but I actually am looking forward to the roads drying back out so I can start making some extra cash again. As mentioned previously, calving is still at it's height, and we are shipping out the last of last years steers and those cows who have been sickly or too old to have healthy calves. By culling the herd things may start to go a bit easier for me.

Done anything fun that doesn't involve work?

I've done quiet a bit of skiing, but since most all of that has been for school, I'm not sure if it counts! I've helped Shane out a lot burning ditches and helping with his cattle at his grandpa's ranch also. In February we drove up to Gillette, WYO to pick up some bucking stock bred cows that are going to calve here next month, and a few weeks ago we drove to Clayton, NM for his mom's birthday. We also have managed to get out riding and starting to rope for the warmer months to come.

How's firefighting going?

Had my first real house fire! Usually all I deal with are vehicle accidents, but we've had two house fires in the last month. Luckily neither were totaled, and one of the houses was a student's place, so it was really hard on her at first, but her room was at least untouched. We also have had a lot of training lately, and being one of the only girls I always feel like I have to work even harder to prove myself. The guys are great and put absolutely no pressure on me, but I'm proud to say that I have been qualified at a Level 1 for SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), meaning I can be part of an entry team on fires from here on out for my department. I also am being trained to drive the tender, and impressed the guys with being able to shift it without using a clutch.

Want to be anywhere else than here?

Yup. Can't wait until summer break. Granted I'm working for the Forest Service again, I'm looking forward to the money and having three day weekends during which I plan on traveling to rodeo's with Shane. He's actually in Laughlin, NV announcing one of the largest PRCA rodeo's there is. I wish I could be there to see it. He's also doing a PBR there in a few weeks which I'm also going to miss. Bummer.

Major concerns?

School as usual. Family. I'm finding it harder and harder to live away from family and friends, but wouldn't change living out here for anything. It's nice having a boyfriend again, and that helps, but he's thinking of possibly moving so it's been real tough thinking about that. A year from now moving for me could be a real possibility, but for now I'm committed and have contracts. To me, honoring my word means a lot.

I also love the ranch I live on, but it's becoming harder and harder to deal with the guy who owns it. He's a really great old guy, but his business sense sucks, and it seems he has so much money it seems he doesn't care about much and is pretty cheap. I don't want my name associated with a lot of it anymore. I'll do the grunt work, but forget dealing in horses or livestock.

Also, Shane's grandfather has been real sick and it's hard watching someone else worry about someone they love. My grandmother also hasn't been doing to well it seems, and I think I need to take a trip to Louisiana and visit soon here.

Anything else to add?

Come visit! Weather has been mostly beautiful and am a bit lonely for a good time every now and then!

Other than that, everything is doing great at home! Dogs are happy, cats are happy, horses are shedding off those heavy winter coats, my goose is still terrorizing anything that moves, and my chicken has managed to hide her nest good enough that I can't find it! I need help for a chicken egg hunt!

Monday, March 26, 2007


It's been forever, and I'm making this fast, but I'll get around to writing worthwhile stuff again soon!

The seasons have definitely changed here! Warmer weather and rainstorms, sunny days and spring blizzards; everything contradicts itself at 8,000 feet! I'm half-way through my calving, and hate to say it, but it hasn't been that great of a year concerning calves. I feel loosing one is one too many, and more than that have been lost. It's a bit depressing. One the other hand, Rumba, my mare, is getting closer to foaling and soon I'll have a little bugger running around with his mummy! I can't wait!

With our warm weather has come a decline in skiing conditions. A-Basin is usually open well through June, but these local places are loosing their base fast. As long as the sun is out and the temps are warm it's still worth it, but when it turns rainy, or those Chinook winds start to blow, well, it's just downright miserable!

Been bringing in hay, still! Driving me crazy! So between work and play (mostly work) I've been busy, hence why this thing hasn't been updated!

Still dating Shane. Still happy. Still haven't posted a picture. Sorry!