Sunday, July 25, 2010

When I'm Off My Game...

...I don't notice things like I should; such as where my young Indian Runner hen disappeared to. Until now. Look what she has tucked away in a spot I can't get to with the belly! I'm not sure these eggs will even be viable since they are small, or if they're even all hers or if she's sharing a nest with my young Buff hen. But since I have no idea how long she's had this nest going, and because she's broody and really wants to hatch them I figure I'll count down from the first day I noticed her sitting and just wait to see. Otherwise I'll just have to throw the eggs away anyway. If I get some babies great - if not then no big loss.

But I'm not completely off my game...Guess where I'm heading off to in this picture? Hint: look to the left and figure out what you see through the trailer window...

Time's ticking down! We have what will stand in as a nursery in the corner of our little bedroom set up - and I've started packing my bag for the hospital, because....

My doctor is still here due to some unforeseen circumstances! And he thinks I may be going into labor before my due date of Aug. 27th - and I won't be making it until the 27th anyway because he will be leaving before then and has promised to induce me on the 20th! I'm not totally sold on the induction - but it is an option. I want to be sure I'm ready to go because I REALLY don't want to end up having a c-section because the induction doesn't work. If I have a c-section it had better be because we have no choice and there is a problem. So we'll be talking more about that all in my appointment later this week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My lilies are in bloom!

I actually didn't realize how long it's been since I blogged last, and when I received two back to back calls from friends wondering if there was anything wrong since they hadn't seen any new updates lately I figured I'd better let my blogging buddies know I'm still alive!

I've been semi-busy, but nothing really has been happening which is why I haven't felt I've had much to update!!!
So in a nutshell:

I'm teaching swim lessons everyday. Group lessons each morning and private lessons afterwards, sometimes well into the afternoon! Granted those days make me tired, but I really am enjoying being in the water! I've gotten really popular as a private instructor and am known as "that pregnant teacher". So when people call the pool to set up an appointment that's how they refer to me. I've had a few women ask me if they think I, "should really still be doing this..." and I always let them know how great it makes me feel and how my doctor has told me how happy I'm going to be for keeping all "those muscles toned". Seriously, do they think I should just be sitting on my arse all day or what?

I shrunk the belly. Really. One day I woke up and could see my feet again. Nate came home one day and was like, "whoa - where'd he go? or did your boobs just get bigger?" The answers are - under my ribs (ouch) and yes.
Wrigley won a photo contest. Go here to check him out! I love this company, for small AND big dogs! We entered FOREVER ago, but it stayed active and he was chosen this month! Yeah for free stuff!

I'm knitting. I've been wanting to learn for a long time, have looked at books, everything...but never started. I finally decided I was going to and went to our little knitting shop in town to check out lessons and was told by the owner to just come in and she'd teach me! So I took advantage of it and after a lot of dropped stitches, somehow adding a billion stitches to rows and some major mistakes - I actually have a nice little project going. It's not as totally perfect as I'd like - but my teacher told me I'm being anal and it looks great. So yeah me! It's really the only thing I've done for myself all summer.

I'm still the horrid step-monster that has the audacity to drive her all over to her extra-curricular activities and attempt to suggest things like getting a pedicure and stopping for ice cream. I gave up on Barbie.

I take time every evening after it cools off to play fetch with the dogs. The sun is pretty brutal at this elevation during the day so I siesta if I'm not at the pool.

I came...

I saw...

I conquered...even though it's as big as me.
What about the ball? Just pet me! Maverick isn't into the whole 'fetch' thing like Wrigley and Dixie are.

Tinkerbell the pony came home after visiting with a friend for a few weeks. I thought that would jump-start my step-daughter into missing her and wanting to be around her more. When am I going to learn 'oh how wrong I always am'? She really is a sweet thing and I think she deserves to be loved by some little boy or girl so I want to sell her. I don't want to pay to feed her for nothing. It's not fair to either of us. I had some initial interest when I first put her out for sale, and then no follow ups to actually see her. Bummer. So if anyone knows of someone looking for a sturdy little pony - please contact me!!!
He's got legs! Here's my baby boy from last year on the far right. As you can see he's about all legs and we still don't know what his final color will be. AND....his front legs are straightening out quite nice overall. We keep him trimmed and have been working them into his growth spurts bit by bit.
They're watching the crop duster about 100 yards from the house in this picture. As you can see everyone is getting nice and fat since mom can't work them and show them this summer. They are in horsey heaven.
I love when the crop duster buzzes the house. It's so cool to watch. He goes right under the wires.

Ok - I will attempt to do better from now on with my posting! Adios!