Thursday, September 28, 2006

HS Shooting

Since when has going to school become more dangerous than, say, walking down the sidewalk in Denver? It seems that with in the last decade, High Schools around the nation have become targets for murderers. And the recent shooting in the little mountain town of Bailey, Colorado illustrates this point.

Yesterday afternoon, a man walked into a classroom with a gun, told the children he had a bomb in his jacket, lined them up at the blackboard, and then proceeded down the line choosing who would stay and who could go. Sick.

Not having lived in Colorado during the Columbine disaster (another small town not too far from the most recent shooting), I watched in horror as the scenes unfolded on CNN, but felt relief that I lived half-way across the country. Though schools everywhere prepared themselves for such a disaster and cautioned teachers about unusual situations and how they should react, I don’t think anybody ever thought that school shooting would become a norm in this nation. Especially not in small, remote towns such as Bailey.

But now I live in Colorado. I live about 2 ½ hours due South from Bailey…on the same highway no doubt. I’ve driven by the school countless times also on my way North to visit friends, Rodeo, go shopping… I work in a small mountain school also. And this has really unnerved me. What’s stopping somebody from walking into my school and doing the exact same thing? Why do I feel like the school should be paying to send teachers to special training? Training that concentrates on how to react if someone should walk into your classroom with a gun?

I am a teacher for God’s sake. I am here to teach! I also feel it is my duty to keep my students from having to encounter a dangerous situation, and though I don’t know what I would do if some stranger walked in here with a gun, I know I’d do my best to keep my students safe. This is scary.

This is not something I was prepped for when studying to become a teacher. This is not something that was ever mentioned when I accepted the job. This is not something, as a teacher, I should even be stressing about. But I am. I am because somehow our society has fallen so low that we are no longer even safe in our institutions of learning. We have fallen so low that the most innocent in this world have become major targets.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


SWF from Colorado needs date (with a man!) for November 24th, 2006. Must be available for the whole evening (and perhaps into the early morning hours) for my 10 year reunion in downtown, stuck- up, Birmingham, Michigan. Good dinner and drinks will be provided, but lushes need not apply. If rich, yuppy-type people bother you, please move on as there will be many present.

Date must be presentable and attractive since I am trying to make a good impression on people I haven't seen in 10 years, and want to look like I can land a decent date for at least one night out of my life. I promise to be in my best attire...and am going somewhat crazy trying to find what that might be. I promise it is not blue jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. But, hey, I still have almost two months...

Must be willing to put up with my somewhat neurotic behavior concerning this whole event. It's not something I really want to attend, but feel I HAVE to attend. Get it? Just apologizing in advance...

Still Here...

Sorry I haven't gotten around to getting any pics on this thing. Between school's stupid computers and not getting anything downloaded off my camera I've gotten behind. There were also a few disasters in the making last week and a girl I knew who taught at a nearby school was killed in a car accident, so I've been a bit overwhelmed. That's another one I haven't really taken the time to think over. She was from Florida so we didn't even have a funeral to go to since her family brought her home. A woman I work with was getting her Master's with her at Adams State in Alamosa and she's taken it really hard.

It's spirit week here at school since the football team is starting playoffs Friday, so nobody is really taking anything seriously and it's been havoc! It's so hard to get anything done when rules are out the window and boys are cross-dressing (don't ask). I've gotten a few laughs, but can't wait until things are back to normal next week. I hated rules in HS, but REALLY understand why we have them. It definitely helps with the teacher's sanity level through the week!

Hopefully I'll have my own computer hooked up within the next month or so, and then can keep this thing more up to date and get some pics posted from the fires I was on and daily life out here.

I'm supposed to be taking a trip to Chaco Canyon this weekend for a photography session. A friend of mine was supposed to go 'cause I really don't want to camp out and hike by myself, but I'm beginning to wonder if this will happen. Why can't I meet anyone who wants to do anything? Ever? I've done it all by myself already. I'm ready for a little company...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yes, it is talk like a Pirate Day! Seriously...look at Heather's blog for more information!

Anyway - the English test went off without a hitch the other day. I'm so relieved to be finished and I hope I don't have to do this again...ever!

As commented on...I need some serious Alph Gam drinking buddies to level my head. Why didn't I think of that?

Life continues on albeit fighting a cold and having no love life. So what's new?

Fun story from this weekend concerning raccoons to share...look for future updates in a day or two.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Test Anxiety

So I wasn't exactly off to a great start this morning...

Despite getting a good night's sleep and feeling content about my studying situation, I woke up really groggy and couldn't have cared less about these exams. Now, on one hand, this could be a good thing...not stressing, totally (maybe overly!) relaxed...but then as I was getting into my truck I must have dropped my lucky pencil (don't ask, but it has to do with sharpening about a million pencils yesterday in preparation and leaving them in various places all over the valley)...because when I shut my door I heard a sickening 'crunch'. Yup...broken into three pieces...oh well. So I drove on down to Alamosa and after these morons finally got us all ready to start the tests (they weren't prepared and were running about 1/2 hour behind...add to the anxiety) I realize I'm taking my Science exam first, NOT my English exam that I had studied for the night before - thinking I had this afternoon to study for the science. Whoops. So anyway, now it's done and I'm killing time in the library waiting to head off to my English exam at 1:00. Don't ask how it's just done.

What I can't figure out is where the hell my head is. I only looked over the information about a million times in preparation. It wasn't just getting the exams screwed up, I also could have gotten a ton more study material if I'd seen that Section One of the packet needed to be downloaded from another page...HELLO! Where have I been? I've only been preparing for this thing for a month and I just noticed that? I also left a book I needed sitting on a desk where I put it yesterday in my classroom, with my coat, and my I wouldn't FORGET it. What is wrong with me?

To top things off I really am wishing that SOMEBODY was down here in Alamosa to take my mind off this all...but it seems I don't fall into the category of 'priorities' when in comes to time anymore like I used to be. Oh well. At least I was for a short while. Patience D, patience...

Ciao for now...I'm going to go find a quiet corner and read a book.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Life Update

Crazy week! We've been having some sporadic weather here so I've been working my tail-end off trying to help get the hay up before the rain gets to it. We had success last night. It started and stopped spitting twice, but never did rain before everything got put up.

Update on Kelly: He'll be back from training in October so we're going to settle this business with his horses then. This is great because at least I'll get to say bye to him also since who knows how we'll be able to stay in touch. It's so surreal still. Y'all now how when you meet someone and even if they do things that drive you crazy all you can do is smile about it and just take them as they are?...well, that's Kelly. He's become a great friend and all I can hope is that he ends up back home safe and sound next spring.

I'm freakin' right now because I have two - 3 hour tests tomorrow. It's the same 'ol BS crap I had to deal with to get my MI teaching license, and despite being a highly certified teacher Federally, CO wants my moola also and is making me re-take the tests here. I asked if I could just write them a check if they wanted the money that bad. The CO board just laughed....I wasn't joking though. I don't sit still well as it is, and now I've got to try and pull through 2 of these babies with only a few hours in between! Ahhhh! It wouldn't be so bad if I had something to take my mind of stressing in between the two, but as it is I'll be stuck in Alamosa and I figure my options are....getting lunch and studying. And knowing the information studied up to 2 hours before an exam doesn't actually help I'm sure I'll be making excuses to kill time some other go shopping at one of the three or four store we have in the great metropolis of Alamosa.

Oh well. I scored exceptionally high last time I took them...3 years ago. Hopefully I've retained SOME of that information!

Wish me Luck!

Friday, September 08, 2006

God, grant me patience...

Kelly is being deployed to Afghanistan tomorrow. He'll be in training for about a month and then gone for at least 6 months. I really don't know how to feel about this. I was so upset before when I thought he was going and then he wasn't going anywhere, and now I'm trying to figure out when to go pick up his horses (I'm the glorified babysitter), get contact info, talk to him again before he leaves in case I don't get to say good-bye...and I really am not sure it's hit me yet.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Noise Does a Badger Make?

You have to come see me and give me beer to get the answer to that...but I assure you, my fire crew thinks it's funny...

I decided that since I ended that last post sooooo negatively, I need to somehow make up for it to me for paying off a loan yesterday so I can put that money into paying off yet other IS headway. AND I am PROUD of myself for even such a small accomplishment. See? Not everything is THAT horrid....(I'll just keep telling myself that...).

I just found these great pics of when the 'kids' were little! Anyone remember Dixie (far left) when she was this small? It's hard to believe Sedona was ever as tiny as she was too! I used to carry her around in my purse everywhere! Mav's as cute as ever too...looks the same, but huge! He still is the best boyfriend ever...


I am worth $2,591,370 on

Thanks Crystal!

Labor Day Fun!

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend...worked both Friday and Saturday and then headed to Trinidad to watch my buddy Kelly Wild Horse Race. I got some great pics before Monday's 'ride', but unfortunately, between a dying battery and a horse running at me I couldn't get a focus on the rest of the race. But I think the slide show gives y'all an idea of what racing I needed to check this whole 'slide show' business out...I'm hooked!

Wild Horse Racing - Trinidad, Colorado

I was a good time, and to top it off we finally got to finish off a bottle of wine I had brought back from Greece. We also decided picking Chili peppers at 2 am in the neighbors's chili patch was a GREAT idea. I still think so and can't wait to roast them on the grill with cheese and bacon (I'll post that recipie on Yum! Yum! eventually). I think I need to gather up my fire crew when they get back and have a big chili roasting, Marguarita drinking party... Kelly was supposed to be deployed to Iraq yesterday, but is now on hold. I think it's been a bit of relief for everyone who knows him. I hadn't realized how stressed I was about his heading over there until he told me he wasn't going quite yet a few weeks back. And with a little luck won't head over there at all. Keep your fingers crossed all! ...And that they finally start sending our boys back that are already over there!

It's a pretty easy week in school with only three days and two almost over. Plus the Seniors are on retreat and won't be back until tomorrow, so it's been pretty quiet around here. School has been going well so far. I really am enjoying my students and have had some great comments from both students and parents so far. Thank God! I'm having a trying few days in other aspects of my life if you're putting a good thought out...remember me for the next few days.

I'm deciding I need something major to happen in my life...and actually have looked into teaching English overseas (the two hours I was supposed to have Seniors today were dedicated to this). I figure if I'm interested I'd better educate myself. I guess I feel I'm hitting a plateau again and need some kind of change. Of course I don't know if this is it, but I'm opening myself up to options. I'm not really happy with where I'm at in my life and I'm not making headway into anything I really want despite all my attempts to change situations. All it's doing is making me cranky and I find myself torn between getting really mad at working as hard as I do in all aspects of my life and never really getting anywhere, and incredibly depressed that I can't seem to catch a break...and you know how when someone's got your back it just seems to make things that much easier? Well, I'm tired of not having I figure a major overhaul of my life is overdue again.

Ok - needed to vent a bit...