Monday, February 05, 2007

Yet Another Chapter in the Life of Danielle's House

Okay,'s not funny anymore. Last night I discovered the pipe to the drain under the house had burst and I now have 'Lake Driveway'. Yeah me. So I've once again moved out, but have a plumber coming to see if it can't be fixed in a few hours. Supposedly this probably had been occuring over a long period of time. Seems the water from the laundry did 'er in last night.

Hopefully it's not so bad the water has soaked into the ground so my house starts to sink come spring...Ha, ha, ha....wouldn't that be the kicker?!


randi said...

I'm sorry hun. I know this all sucks for you now, but think of all the great stories you're going to have. You're a lot stronger than I am! Keep up the postive spirit, you can do anything you put your mind to!

Laura said...

Again? Wow! It's got to only get better, much better right? ;)

AJ said...

Okay, that's it. Time to pack up and move back to MI. There's a lot of farmland in MI...c'mon!!!