Monday, March 26, 2007


It's been forever, and I'm making this fast, but I'll get around to writing worthwhile stuff again soon!

The seasons have definitely changed here! Warmer weather and rainstorms, sunny days and spring blizzards; everything contradicts itself at 8,000 feet! I'm half-way through my calving, and hate to say it, but it hasn't been that great of a year concerning calves. I feel loosing one is one too many, and more than that have been lost. It's a bit depressing. One the other hand, Rumba, my mare, is getting closer to foaling and soon I'll have a little bugger running around with his mummy! I can't wait!

With our warm weather has come a decline in skiing conditions. A-Basin is usually open well through June, but these local places are loosing their base fast. As long as the sun is out and the temps are warm it's still worth it, but when it turns rainy, or those Chinook winds start to blow, well, it's just downright miserable!

Been bringing in hay, still! Driving me crazy! So between work and play (mostly work) I've been busy, hence why this thing hasn't been updated!

Still dating Shane. Still happy. Still haven't posted a picture. Sorry!


Laura said...

Yay for staying with the same boy and yay for being happy!

mel_fitz said...

man, just hearing you talk about it out there makes me miss it. Scott and I have been talking about going out to Utah. I love Utah and Wyoming. And S. Dakota.