Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sorry, Seriously NOT Dead...as usual

This is summer. I'm up at 5am, in the office by 7am, not home until 6:30 pm (earliest), and not in the house until 9 pm. I've been having problems finding time to turn a computer on.

How 'bout those Wings eh? Why didn't they win last night? I'd kill for a plane ticket and ANY seats to the next game.

Fire Season is starting for me. So if I REALLY disappear I'm on a fire somewhere.

Horses good, ducks good, geese good, cows good, chickens good, dogs good, cats good, I think I'm alright...

Lost Shaner's grandpa this afternoon. It's been very long and drawn out and I'm happy he's in a better place. Shane's taking it pretty hard...so good thoughts this way. I'm just glad it happened while he was home and he was able to spend the last 48 hours with him and was with him when he passed. This would have been tough for him if he'd been on the road. I feel so bad for him and his grandma. I don't anyone can ever be truly prepared.

Will catch up with everyone eventually.


Andrea said...

Yeah I was wondering if you ran away! But wow it sure sounds like you have been busy! I actually watched that game the other night while folding laundry.

Sorry about the loss. I do hope he will be okay. It's good that he was able to be with his grandpa.

Diana said...

I'm glad to hear you're still alive!!

mel_fitz said...

good to hear from you and sorry about Shane's grandpa

alanna rose said...

Ditto Mel, lots o' positive thoughts on the way.