Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm in Paris! All the girls are certain the men here are MUCH more attractive than the British chaps we saw. I believe it may be a draw...however we've only been here one day, and were in England for 7....soooooo...maybe not!

Hope you're all following the blog. I'll post more of my thoughts on the trip later. All in all it's gone well. Love the French so far. They appreciate luxury; no matter how small the hotel, we have DEEP tubs and FANTASTIC linens and I enjoyed a great soak after a long day tonight with liberal use of some great items I got from LUSH... Let's just say Bath @nd Body Works have NOTHING on this European store.

ciao for now


Andrea said...

Oh, I love the English accents, sigh....

I hope you all are having a wonderful time. England looked like a lot of fun.

Enjoy that big tub!!

mel_fitz said...

oh, i am so super jealous. sounds great.

rae rae said...

Lush has been a fav of mine for years ... hope you got some bath bombs ... they're the bomb!!! :)