Monday, May 18, 2009

The Catch Up and The PBR!

Right....been crazy busy with school ending this week. That arch-nemesis called a yearbook may just kick my butt yet. I had a respite this weekend however starting with a Ranch Rodeo, BBQ and dance Friday night into the early morning hours. Way fun.

I helped put a roof on a house Saturday...kinda. I brought brunch and picked up all the trash from the roof and then doctored up a cut hand.
Sunday I went to the PBR Ford F-150 Invitational in Pueblo - but first I must catch up with my colt! He still doesn't have a name but I'm thinking Nike (see the little swoosh on his nose)! His legs are getting better. Still not sure if surgery is going to be an option or not yet, but I feel there is a large improvement, just not sure if it's enough to straighten out on it's own. He's got a little fire under his rear though and when I turn him out for exercise he's all over the place and has a nice little stop to him.

Nice butt huh? I think there's going to be some size to this little bugger...wide and I like 'em!

The crooked leg. Looking better, but still being watched closely.

"You lookin' at me?"

See the swoosh?

On to the PBR...

I love to watch Rodeo and Bullriding. It's just fun. Fun crowds, fun events, fun people, fun, fun, fun...and cute cowboys. We tried to look as cute as possible.

A few months ago my friends and I bought a bunch of tickets to the invitational in Pueblo where the top 40 riders compete against one another. We had awesome seats 'cause one of the gals is a member and gets 'benefits'! It was still a bit dark in there though and I couldn't bring in my professional lens so I had to make do with my little digital. I still caught some good action. PBR events are always flashy and fan oriented, so they kicked off with a little pyrotechnic show to introduce the riders:

We saw a lot of bull-riding:

That's Chicken on a Chain. I want to own him, but I don't think Larry the Cable Guy will want to share with any more people...

BUT... we saw a lot more of this:
And this...

And this too...gotta love those bull-fighters. They are the real athletes keeping those boys safe if you ask me.

And this is my future husband, Chris Shivers from some world...Obviously he was bucked off but I love him anyway:

I also posed with my man Wiley Peterson, but the pic turned out blurry even though Tiff has a clear one. I also think I look fat in it so you can't see. I have his autograph too. Yeah! Maybe I'll marry him instead.

Hart, McBride and Moraes were also inducted into The Ring of Legends. These are like the best riders ever.

There also was some fun stuff going on between the second round and final this team. I don't know what it is about huge horses and driving but I just love it!

Oh yeah - and I found my Halloween costume for this next year...

AND I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! I entered in to win an autographed boot signed by almost every rider from Ariat. This is how the conversation went with three riders left in the finals down my row as they are announcing the winner...

Me: "Who won...wait...who...." (I was messing with my camera)
Tiff: "Danielle....wait...that's you!"
Me: "Huh? I won? Wait, who did they announce?"
Tiff: "You just won the boot!"
Cody Ray (bouncing 5 seats down - he's 13): "You won, Danielle, you won, you won the boot, you won!"
Me: "Me? I won? I won the boot? Me?"
Tiff: "I'm so retarded - they just announced YOUR name."
Me: "huh"

At this point everyone is looking at us. Basically because I did not recognize my name over the loudspeaker and Tiff didn't realize it was me. Yes, we were dead sober too. Two blonds walked into a candy store....nevermind....

Anywho - this is the boot and I've decided I need a pair of them to wear. Aren't they sharp lookin'?!

I want them. I love them. They are so shiny and pretty.

The End...for now...


alanna rose said...

You totally need a pair to wear :)

AJ said...

Cute colt!

Very cute boots! Congrats on the win!

Super cute hair in that pic!

Carroll Farm said...

So much FUN! I have never been to a 'big' rodeo - just the small town ones. However, I have decided that it is a MUST next time it rolls around. :)

Love those boots!

Andrea said...

You little boy is getting BIG! He sure is cute. He leg does look like it's betting better. The vet doesn't have you put a brace on it or anything? And I think his snip looks like the state of Texas. But Nike is way cute!!

Way cool Boot! so random that they only gave you one. Man.....but so cool that you won. They are super shiny, but square toed, love me some square toed boots.

My husband loves to go watch the PBR. He was good friends with Chris Shivers and Mike White while growing up. They all rode bulls together and rode together. But my husband got his leg busted in 17 places and got his face smashed needless to say, he didn't make it out of college bulls. He still gets an itch to go ride.

My middle boy was looking at the pictures on your blog and he was telling me, "I'm going to ride those bucking bulls. I will hold on tight tight and go Wha HOOOOO!!" Oh dear, I am in trouble with that one.....

Way fun night!! And did you know I live 45 minutes from Lafayette. The cool flea market I go to is like 10 minutes from Lafayette.

And my husband took me to go stay in a Plantation home. It was call the Dunleith. It's north of New Orleans, actually in Mississippi. That was really fun!! It's on my blog from way back.

Any way, your colt looks cute and he does look like he is going to be a chuck!! I love big stout boys.

Diana said...

Nike is a cute name! I love the boots too!!

The Wades said...

Fancy boots!! They sure are pretty.

Love that little horse. His markings are so pretty.