Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Compromise of the Christmas Tree

After much debate, I decided we were putting up a Christmas Tree. It's been crazy with everything, and we'll be in Michigan over much of the holidays, but I don't care. It's not Christmas without a tree. Nate didn't see the point (seriously, where IS his holiday spirit?) As it is we passed on outside lights.

I grew up with a live tree my whole life. We used to go out and cut our own. I wanted to do that, but as we are very busy, and since Nate is working weekends until Christmas, we really don't have time to go up to the mountains and cut one as a family. He also wanted a fake tree.

That is completely out of the question. I can give up on the outside lights. I can forgo the mountain excursion. But a fake tree? I think not.
So off to Wally-World we went last weekend and for $30 brought home this beauty. I'm not a big fan of firs as they are very dense and the branches are not very strong, but we had no choice. It's a very full tree and even though I can't really hang ornaments deep into the branches, I think I like it! Plus firs have very soft needles and my hands didn't get all raw and itchy from hanging ornaments.

The only downfall of the tree is the small stump (firs are notorious for this). I have an old fashioned stand and we couldn't get that sucker to do much more than balance there.

Not so good.
But after trying a variety of things for over an hour, the power tools came out.
Out came the stand screws and Nate literally screwed the tree into place with huge frame building screws.

He now thinks it's pretty.

So the compromise of the Christmas tree went well.

With a Flash: What's a western decor with out the Buffalo Skull hanging in the background? Luna was a bit of a worry when she tried to climb the tree, but after her second time and half a squirt bottle of water later, she's decided it's not worth messing with. Now she just lays in front of it and stares nostalgically.

Without a flash. I really don't like that star. It changes color and just seems so...retro. Like I should have little disco balls, and blinking lights on the tree. I'd love to find a pretty angel, but I can't find anything around here and I'm probably going to be anal about it when I do. I need some craft shows or something...

Since I was in the mood after all this, I decided to enter my school's annual door decorating contest. It's 3D. As my students say, "I'm in it to win".

Nice that I teach in a PUBLIC school that still allows the word 'CHRISTMAS' to be uttered. And that decorations are allowed:


Carroll Farm said...

We have a Christmas tree in our front office too - then according to your class, who celebrates and who doesn't - love the Christmas pictures!

We don't have a tree at home, until the 21st or so, 5 indoor cats, 2 three year olds and 3 dogs just make it too hard.

JJ said...

So pretty! I love Christmas trees and lights, but with the new house I decided it was just one extra thing to worry about, so we aren't having one :(
If you guys are going to be here over the holiday, call me - Brad and I will be in town.

Kara said...

Your Christmas tree looks wonderful!! You did a great job. I also love the 3D one you did at school. That would be a fun craft activity with the kids even for home. Thanks for the idea!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It looks very nice.

I have our little fake tree up in the house, but I haven't even gotten it decorated yet. I told the fam, that I wasn't doing it all by myself this year! No help, no decorating.

Wonder where we will put the presents.;) LOL

Oh, and your door looks awesome. Hope you win.

The Wades said...

Way to hold strong to the real tree, girlfriend! Wouldn't be the same with a fake. We're with you on that one.

Your door was absolutely awesome!