Friday, December 10, 2010

I Think I Own It!

The Annual Door Decorating Contest that is. Since I kicked some bootie last year with my 3D tree, I decided I had to try again. Check out my door in the new school this year:
I also beaded a bunch of snowflakes for my classroom. I was at the bead shop the other night and they had these cool wire snowflake frames for like $2/6 to bead. I thought it would be a fun project for my stepdaughter to make ornaments for family at Christmas, and then got into it myself. I'm going back to buy more frames tonight! Simple, easy and elegant project! Oh yeah - and cheap too if you buy your beads at Wally World! Aren't they pretty?


AJ said...

Love the snowflakes, super cute craft idea. And the door looks great, too!

The pic of the kids together in the post below is adorable too!

randi said...

Love the snowflakes! If you have any extra - you can send some my way. ;)

The Wades said...

Yep, they're beautiful and you are a go-getter! I can't believe all the stuff you made.

Thanks for the comment on the blog today. Nice to know there are other people out there with similar issues. (Not happy your friend had problems, just a relief to know Max isn't the only one in the world. )

Did you win the door contest? I'll read newest post to see. Maybe you mention it there. You did a great job on that!!