Monday, April 18, 2011

Do You See What I See?

Right there.......on the right of the wheelbarrow....near the's gray and black and white.......(excuse the mess, we're spring cleaning the yard).

Meet Mac. He came home to be Nate's new dog a few weeks ago. He's purebred Border Collie that was gifted to us, and it a great little pup - calm, quiet and gets along really well with the other dogs. He already has laid claim to Wyatt. I just wish he had Maverick around to show him the ropes, but he has helped in easing that loss a little - though he's definitely no substitute - that and he's not even my dog.
I also brought home this bugger a few months ago. He's from my vet after I lost Rebel last spring. I also lost Smack to West Nile last fall, not something I've wanted to talk about at all, but that did it for my Barrel prospects and I needed a new project. As I had pick of the herd and didn't have to spend a dime for him, I figured what the hell. He's Poco Bueno bred, so if nothing else I could probably sell him if he didn't work out for me.

I've been trying and trying to get a good picture of him, but the light always sucks, and he always has to be facing me almost up in my face no matter where I move - so it makes it difficult to shoot a picture.

Meet Ringo

So I've given up and this is what you get. He's still really shaggy from his winter coat, and his muscle tone isn't what it should be since I've had him penned up to make him learn who 'loves' him - but it's been paying off. When he was born he was messed with some and halter broke, but then he was tossed into the field for 3 years. I picked out 4 geldings from a herd of 42, round penned them and tossed a rope over their heads. All responded in some manner to being handled again, but this bugger seemed to take it the most in stride, and had the nicest build. He's quite large though this picture doesn't do it justice.

He likes to pretend he's worried about being caught, but he always faces me, and I can always coax him to me to be caught. Once caught he's a dream to work with. I sacked him out and cinched him up in about a 10 minute period one day. If this darn wind ever quites blowing for an extended amount of time I'll have him saddled and probably ridden around the round pen.

So that's what's been going on around here in my spare time. Hopefully I can keep you all updated with his progress.


Dreaming said...

Wow! Huge changes! Busy, busy!
Both the pup and Ringo have the sweetest faces! Ringo has a very soft eye.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry about Maverick. And your new pup looks too cute! It does help to have a new dog to help ease the pain. I was so sad when I lost my Bear dog, and Belle was not wanted by me at all....I wanted my Bear dog back, but now I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Ringo looks like he is going to be a big boy!! Look at the size of those leg bones!! He is thick looking!! Way bigger than my skinny TB's that I have over here!!

It's great to check in and see how you are doing!!!