Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

The weekend after Thanksgiving we put up our tree...and a nice little tree it is! Even though we're leaving for Christmas (MI here we come!), it just wouldn't be the holidays without a fresh cut tree.

Obviously we needed to Wyatt proof it, so all the decorations are about waist height, but it's still really pretty. The first night Wyatt decided to pose in front of it in his elf hat.
He's crazy about his rocking horse. Unfortunately he's starting to rock it almost all the way over as he's very enthusiastic about his riding. The other night he tipped it all the way back and he hopped off the back and landed on his feet. Perhaps he will be a trick rider?

I'm finally searching for a new camera. I love my tough little camera, but it's been five years since I got a new one and there's been a lot of quality advancements. I still want a large professional camera, but I do like my little point and shoot. The one I have now is a hit and miss with the quality - basically it depends on if I have enough time and effort to 'tweak' the settig to get something good. And since I'm always trying to get quick shots of my little man on the go, as well as when I'm out riding, it's time to upgrade.

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Dreaming said...

Wyatt is just too cute! My mom wouldn't get me a rocking horse for the very reasons you mentioned!
Love that the ornaments are all in a safe zone! Funny!