Saturday, February 04, 2012


Two weeks ago I received a Proactive starter kit. I've always fought with less than perfect skin and even though I found a few good items, namely Cetaphil and tree tea oil, that tree tea oil was really harsh and my husband hates the smell. So I decided to try something else. I figured it had a money back policy so what could it hurt?

Because there are so many mixed reviews out there, and because there is no easy to filter out which are real and which are advertising one way our another, I thought I'd give my 60 day version (since I figure I'd better know before than if it's working for me.

Day 1-14
Smaller pore size and smoother skin texture immediatly. No sign of dryness the first week, which was a concern since I have such sensitive skin. Using the 3 step program twice a day and refining mask for spot treatment at night. Still using my moisturizer (straight aloe), but using less of it-so I figure this is less drying than what I was doing.

By the end of the second week my skin is a little dryer than it was, but nothing that isn't smoothed out with the slow. Also used the sample of the green tea moisturizer that was sent. Is very light and I like it as it doesn't feel greasy or make my skin oily.

Pore size is really small, skin is really smooth, little to no breakouts in my trouble spots. So far so good.

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