Monday, January 07, 2013

Part Two: The Polar Express

Our local railway offers a Polar Express train during the weekends leading up to Christmas.  Travelers are encouraged to wear their PJs!  Once you've been loaded up, the elves serve you hot chocolate and cookies while the conductor comes around and stamps your initials on your tickets!  The whole time the train is headed into the mountain foothills to the North Pole where Santa is standing outside waiting for a ride and waving to all the passengers.  While we traveled we sang Christmas Carols. Once we came up on North Pole Town,  I put the window down for Wyatt who hung all the way out waving and yelling, "Stop! Stop! Sanna! Hi Sanna!"

Once Santa was on board he came around and gave all the kids a Christmas Bell!
Then we headed back to the Depot for pictures!

Wyatt loves Santa.  He is shy with strangers at first, but not with 'Ol Saint Nick!  No matter where we were this Christmas season, Wyatt had to go see Santa - which sometimes was an issue as he was at Walmart and I needed to get shopping done, and he wanted to stay. Or when he chased him down the aisle of the train, or waiting in get the picture.

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