Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Git 'er Done!

Instead of heading to Chaco this weekend I stuck around because we were doing a prescribed burn on the forest and I wanted in on it! It was great! Sometimes its just fun to start fire rather than put it out!

This was approximately a 500 acre fire up on Park Creek, West of where I live up in the mountains. It took all week and was used to help clear up some old logging slash and open up the understory of the pine/spruce stand. These practices not only help with future fire hazard, but are extremely healthy to the forest ecosystem. It was a beautiful week and the weather cooperated very nicely...meaning no major problems and run-away fire! I really enjoy doing prescribed burn because you can really learn a lot from watching fire in a controlled setting. Fire behavior is pretty much it's own living thing, and being able to watch it from start to finish in a variety of different fuel types can really teach a person how it can react in different situations.

Check out the slide show of our morning burn of about 100 acres!

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