Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Anyone who's kept up with my blog is sure to realize my year has been anything but boring so far. Event after event after event has seemed to occur, whether they were welcome or not...and it seems I have gotten a rather negative attitude about life in general rampaging through my mind due to it all. Thinking back I'm aware this has been a bit of a downfall of mine in the past when situations become trying, but what I have failed to realize is just how much I have going for me.

Yes, things suck right now for me. There has been death, sickness, life-altering disappointment and unexpected financial changes, and I was hit with two more 'issues' tonight that ruined my plans and had me in tears, but truly, they aren't the end of the world. I've been through worse before, much worse, and I know I can get through all this too even though it seems scary right now. I am resiliant, strong, stubborn and willing to do what it takes to succeed. I also have a great work ethic, try my hardest to be the best I can, am not afraid to try new approaches to tasks in work and life...I also have a lot of energy and keep busy, so why do I get so negative about things? It's ruining my relationships with others and ruining my self-esteem.

I've decided I have to do something about this. I HAVE to change this habit, state of mind, whatever, into something a bit more positive. Yes, I still need people keeping their digits crossed for me, but I sure would appreciate if you all could share with me the things you do to perk yourself up when you've gotten really down and out. Attitude really is everything, but I just need some help getting there occasionally. Some things I've resolved to do? 1o in the list to start:

1) Smile. It just seems to come easier once you put a little effort into it.
2) When I feel like I'm about to start whining about my problems to somebody, stop and ask THEM how they are instead.
3) Learn to say 'no' when asked to take on yet another extra task voluntarily.
4) Continue to keep regular massage appointments to help reduce stress.
5) Stop judging others. I'm not perfect either.
6) Do one purposly random act of kindness for another per week, even if it's just a smile or 'hello' in the Walmart parking lot.
7) Don't 'bury' my head, proverbial or otherwise, when I get down. Go for a walk or ride with the dogs instead.
8) Research for information about the things that are bothering me and continue taking a proactive approach to them.
9) Tell the people who are supportive in my life how much I appreciate them being here.
10) Don't give up.


Erin said...

11. Pray yourself and pray for others - and I will pray for you too!

AJ said...

I usually call a family member. Which one I call depends on the situation, but that's usually who I turn to.

On a similar note to Erin's, going to church always makes me feel better. When I was 10 or 11, my mom told me that she liked to go to church because no matter what she had going on in life, there was always something in the sermon that she could relate to, that seemed to speak to her. Since she told me that, I have noticed that the same is true for me. There's always something there for you, it might not be relating to the biggest problem at hand, but maybe that's to take your mind of it.

Laura said...

Hugs. When I'm down I need to find something to hug. I'm sending lots of them to you! Keep your chin up! PS- the local high school is actually looking for some teachers... want to try your hand at pig ranching? :)

Milo said...

Cool blog, I just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Greetings from South Carolina

Crystal said...

When I feel discouraged or down, I enjoy talking to someone I haven't heard from in a while. It just helps me feel more positive.

mel_fitz said...

all very good resolutions. I'm finding lately that using the energy to do something (example: vacuum or groom the dogs) helps me. it might seem shallow but it helps.

alanna rose said...

Every morning - I smile at myself in the mirror and "Isn't today GREAT!" I'll admit, sometimes I'm being sarcastic - but it seems to help. Also when i think a negative thought - even if it's about someone else - I try to immediately remedy it with a positive thought. Sometimes the positive thought is "I am breathing," but it's enough.

And go to Church.

Kara said...

I don't go to Church often, but I do find praying a way to "channel" my energy. Also, finding time for myself wether it be watching tv, talking to friends/family, etc. Just taking a moment to "breath" helps me stay positive.