Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'll Fly Away

Except I don't want to. I'm in the Springs, waiting, waiting, waiting to fly back to Detroit via Ft. Worth. I actually want to stay. I've been up since 3am so I could get to the airport with time to spare in case of unruly weather over the pass.
I'm only going to be in Michigan until 6am Thursday, and my time is filled with family and trying on bridesmaids dresses for my brothers wedding in June.

I am going to be at the MotorCity Bowl Wednesday, so if anyone's going to be there, give a call. My number's still the same! Would love to see people despite my short trip.

I actually wish I was staying in Colorado. I want to see my family, but I am just wiped out from finals last week, fighting the flu and just being tired.

On a good note, though, because I'm leaving: Christmas started early for me! Shane and I exchanged our gifts last night. It also happened to be his birthday, so he had double the fun. Amongst other things, he bought me a beautiful concho and rhinestone headstall and matching reins for when I actually have a horse finished to wear it. Maybe by this summer. I'll post pics when I get back and get service.

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