Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Welcome to My Life

2008 is definitely starting with a bang, but not the bang I wanted.

So Christmas was nice, but I should have stayed longer because I've had a lousy 2 weeks since. In a nutshell what has happened:

1. The morning we were leaving for Rifle to start out New Year's traveling for Rodeo I discovered the heater had gone out in the pump house and there was no water.

2. Shane left me behind 'cause he had to announce, but promised to come back the next morning and help sort things out and get back on the road to spend New Year's up north.

3. The pump casing cracked from the cold and leaked everywhere.

4. There were horrid snowstorms and the pass was closed. Shane could not come get me.

5. I spent 5 days in a frozen out house alone with no water except what I hauled in for New Year's.

6. The Landlord got the water situation sorted out 3 days later, but then we discovered the septic field was frozen and under the house flooded out.

7. We couldn't find the access to the field to thaw it out.

8. The Pump guy couldn't find the access to the field to thaw it out.

9. School started yesterday and the kids came back today and I've only had running water (that I could use) for 2 days of being home.

10. They found the field this afternoon but nothing is thawed and the pipes haven't been fixed where they burst.

Moral of the story: Stay in Michigan...and...I need a vacation from my vacation OR septics freeze when the water doesn't run so never let a heater go out again. I'm sure you can all imagine what my mental state is in at the moment. I need to write a book and become rich overnight.

On another note: Fun pics of the furry (and feathered) beasts that we keep collecting...


AJ said...

Eeewww...a frozen septic field. Okay, I will not complain that my car has a funky smell because the floor mats thawed out and mildewed (that's my diagnosis anyways). A frozen septic field is waaaay worse!

mel_fitz said...

but it sounds so fun there! I'm sick of Michigan.

alanna rose said...

Should have stayed in MI - then we could have gotten together :)

This story sounds eerily familiar to last year, are freezing pipes a generally theme in your life?