Friday, March 14, 2008

It Can't Be Over!

I'm staring at the last weekend of Spring Break. It was relatively calming. I got a lot done, but not really that much from my list. I need about 3 more weeks to catch up. Hmmmmm.....

What did I do?

Reinforced and rebuilt the Chicken house, inside and out (this was like a 3 day job). I also added on a feed room.

Bought my baby chicks, ducks, geese and turkeys and kept them alive for a week so far.

Got my truck washed.

Slept in everyday.

Rode Maggie almost everyday.

Worked Rebel almost everyday (he's learning to lead like a champ!).

Helped bring in a herd of Longhorns and cut out the bulls and yearlings for sale.

Read a lot. Really a lot.

Moved about 2 tons of hay.

Went to the sale barn and was talked out of buying 2 pygmy goat kids during the auction by Shane. I was mad. They were cute and only $15 each. Did I mention they were cute? Really cute? They were like as big as a cat.

Got a job putting miles on a young horse while at the sale barn. Made up for losing out on the goats.

Took some afternoon naps.

Lost Maverick and Dixie who took a run. After looking for them everywhere, all day, Shane found them almost 8 miles away at 11:30 at night trying to make their way home.

Watched "Chuck and Larry". Ha, ha, ha!

Chopped wood, but decided it really is a better job for the boyfriend.

What I still have to do?

Start riding my 'job'.

Ride Maggie more.

Work about 300 head of calves (vaccinate, ear tag, brand...).

Grade papers? Probably a good idea...

Post some pictures...


Andrea said...

Wow that is a busy week! And I thought I had no time to ride! That is crazy! Good luck with your new, "job". Hope you get some rest soon!

mel_fitz said...

holy crap that's a lot of work on a "break". wow. sounds so cool though. maybe we can trade lifes sometime. you'll have ot learn how to make a good peanutbutter waffle and bathe babies though.