Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I need to find a new phone. My contract is being renewed with in the next month (if I get around to it) but I am in desperate need of a new phone as my second Razor is getting ready to die...Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that thing?

So I have a few choices...and seriously I've been blown away by all the new technology. Some things that are important:
  • NOT GOING TO FALL APART (need I say more?)
  • Can put in my front pocket without it dialing EVERYBODY
  • Can handle being dropped every now and then?
  • User friendly ( I just don't have time to get too complicated. If it has lots of features, but is still easy to use...that's fine)
  • If I sit on it (not jump on it) won't quite working
  • Has good service (why do some models work better than others?)
Some things I find cool but know nothing about, therefore don't know if it's worth my while (and no, I cannot get to a store to look. Our stores pretty much order everything in anyway)
  • Touch screen (worth it or a hassel?)
  • PDA - Useful? Does it cost more for service? If I don't get the service is it just another phone?
  • PDA - Planner capabilities...easy to use?
  • Blackberry - Yes, no? Heard both great and horrid things...
I really don't want to pay more per month for a phone. Right now I just have a basic plan since I almost never talk on it, but if internet is only $5/month that doesn't exactly break the bank. I use my calander on my phone regularly, so is planner capabilities THAT much more fantastic?

Cost of phone doesn't play into it so much as I'm on a school plan and get a wicked discount (namely free). What's a good phone that won't die either? All I know is I haven't been happy with a Motorola.
So any comments are appreciated and vote to the RIGHT! If you have more than one choice please include all your choices! Thanks all!

What I've seen and am interested:

Verizon Wireless Blitz: Slides up to a keyboard, plus is touch screen. About as large as a post-it-note pad. Kinda neat.

Samsung Glyde -Touch screen only. No keyboard...but I don't really text much anyway. Sort of looks user friendly.

LG Voyager - Touch screen PDA

LG Dare - thought it looked cool

Palm Smartphone

Blackberry Pearl

Casio Boulder - made tough for the military. Thought it looked cool. Flip need to worry about locking key pads. If PDA's and touch screens aren't that big of a deal this is what I'm going with


AJ said...

I have an LG and it's been pretty durable. Noah threw it in the dog's water dish and it survived, and he uses it for hockey practice every now and again and it hasn't fallen apart yet and I've had it for almost a year.

I don't know much about the super fancy phones, but I've heard that the new iPhones have a lot of glitches yet.

What about one of those 'construction worker' phones??? JR has one of those and you could practically launch that thing out of a cannon and it would be okay.

randi said...

I have AT&T, but here are my 2 cents.

I just ordered the AT&T version of te LG Dare and it'll be here tomorrow. I can let you know how well it works. Mark just got the Blackberry Pearl and he LOVES it. You don't need to pay extra for the Blackberry functions if you don't want to and you can still use the planner capabilities and other functions of the phone. You just need to pay more to access the internet on the phone. For AT&T it's an extra $20 a month for that. The only thing that makes me concerned about his phone is that it's controlled by a little roller ball so if that goes, you can't use the phone, except to dial. It comes with a little leather pouch and locks it when he puts it in his pocket. So far so good.

That's what I know. :)

karen c konkel said...

I'm currently a phone snob with the iphone. I have heard from coworkers that the Blackberry Pearls roller ball is a tad tedious and not always fun. Most of the phones you are looking at you can use without paying extra for the internet. I've had an LG in the past and although I didn't have any problems with it, I found that the speaker wasn't very loud and I could hardly hear the person I was talking to when I was in my car. Maybe it was just the model I had or maybe they've improved it.

That's all I've got. Sorry I can't help more.

Andrea said...

Our contract is up now too!! I really want a slider by the lady at the store says those are junk. Then I really want an I phone. Because I so listne to an ipod, whwhahahah. I dont' even have an ipod. So, I am not sure either which phone to get or what plan to go with!! So many choices!! I love getting a new phone.

Kara said...

My dad has a blackberry and my mom has a PDA. I know my dad has had to send his blackberry in several times to get replaced and my mom has had to replace her PDA several times as well. She hasn't had it more than a year.

I have just a regular phone, verizon. It isn't a razor, less expensive, but has great service so it is perfect for me. You can't do videos, but you can take pics.

jr_michels said...

Get the iPhone! It rocks... I would be lost without it.

Danielle Michelle said...

Guys - I can't get an iphone. Verizon doesn't carry the service and I only have verizon service I'm limited in that aspect.

Does this mean touch screens are pretty cool?

alanna rose said...

I know nothing about phones, mine is beyond basic, and that is fine by me. I do know that I have an LG and it has held up well, I had another LG before that and never had a problem. J has a Blackberry and really likes it, but he got it just before the roller ball, so I know nothing about that.

If you were asking for advice on kitchen gadgets I'd be more helpful - sorry!