Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life and Loss

Sorry it's been so long. Between the 12 hour days, fire details and the Internet going down due to surges I just haven't had the energy or the heart to sit and write. It's been an incredibly fast summer and I'm dreading starting school again next week as I just haven't had a chance to breath since we got out. Whereas the whole summer wasn't a loss: I love the new office I'm working out of and the foresters and fire crews I work with rock, but fire didn't pan out like it should have money-wise and on the homefront? Well, let's just say there's been a lot of loss since the death of Shane's grandfather and I just can't go into it right now...

As said, my crews rock. I had some engine detail, local stuff and was dispatched to CO fire since we already had a crew in CA (I couldn't go with them...they yanked us around, I had doctor's appointments, was over the 4th of July and I had to make a judgement call...unfortunately I missed the boat). What was bad about the situation was that due to Nationwide overdispatching and holding crews on reserve my crew was shorted time and that ended up working out to be about a $4,000 difference for me. Sort of a big deal, especially as I was still working almost just as many hours....just not with Hazard pay and overtime added together.

Also...let me explain how much Human Resource Departments SUCK!!! Forest Circus (I mean Service) employees are payed out of Albequerque (starting this year). I never had ONE paycheck all summer that was not messed up in some way. First I wasn't payed for the first 6 weeks because my info, that they's had for 6 months, STILL hadn't been entered into the system. Coincidentally that just messed up everything else all summer. Caused mucho stress for me and every time I talked to an HR person? Right...not their fault. I finally told them what wasn't realistic (after being told it wasn't realistic to solve the problem in one day) was that I hadn't had one pay check correct as of yet. NOT REALISTIC...NOR ACCEPTABLE! AHHHHHHHH!

One thing that was cool about the whole summer: I was able to pack into the wilderness areas for work with my own horses. These are areas that no motorized vehicles are allowed in, so either you have to carry everything yourself, or pack in on animals. It was a very neat experience.

I think I've commented before about having purchased a new horse late last spring? Charlie? Well I finished my payments on him and sent in his papers. He is a wonderful horse and I took him up to the mountains with my Mustang, Maggie. Both did wonderful despite some precarious trail situations. I also have another new addition to the household: Wrigley. Wrigley is a 9 week old, smooth-coat, chocolate dappled mini - daschund. He is my stud dog as he is well bred, carries the traits for dapple, piebald, chocolate and tan, isabella (light blue coloring) and dilute, as well as long-hair. Quite a package in about 8 oz of energy right now! He is very tiny, but thinks he's huge! and has taken on both Maverick and Dixie now...though they think he's a joke.

I tried to download some pics, but for some reason they wouldn't take so I just made a quick slide show of the events I enjoyed this summer.


Kara said...

All I can say is WOW....your summer seems so busy. I have 3 kids and question how you manage to go, go, go. The newest addition to your household is adorable. Josh would love to get a dog, but I don't want one until the kids are older and we don't run around as much.

Andrea said...

What a crazy summer!!! It sure sounded so busy. Your tiny man is so handsome. He is so very tiny! That is so neat that your new horse is working out so great! Loved the pictures!

jr_michels said...

Sorry to hear about your never is a fun time. Your new puppy is so cute and congrats on the new horse. I'm super jealous. I would love to have a horse...maybe some day.

mel_fitz said...

I am so ultra jealous of the baby wiener dog, wrigley. sorry to hear about the loss, but glad to hear from you