Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alternate Universe? ...and a contest...

Earth to Danielle? Are you still here? I think I have stepped into the Twilight Zone. Seriously. As if the 'appetizers and drinks' issue from the last post wasn't enough...guess what the newest complaint is (and I'd like to note this isn't coming from just the in-laws)?

I'm having a hard time believing this. Can we have a reality check for me here please? Please? I have the Twilight Zone theme song running through my head. It's creepy. What world have I stepped into? Ok - follow this newest complaint against us:

"So I went online to the Target registry. And do you know what they have on there? They want a coffee maker and wine glasses!" *gasp*

Are you serious? This is a problem why? I'm a bad person because I want nice wine glasses and a decent coffee maker? This women has never even met me!!!

I guess the verdict is in. I AM the devil re-incarnate.
However, I have new additions to the family and they need names...

Because my brain is fried (for obvious reasons) I need suggestions. These little buggers have made a home with me. They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats (however I think they have a pygmy goat cross in there somewhere). The difference? Nigerian dwarfs are milking goats and cycle every 3 weeks, so they can get preggers about anytime. Pygmys are meat goats and cycle seasonally. One of these guys is a male (the dark one) and the other a female (the white one). She could be pregnant even though they are only about 6 months old. Great. Babies in spring are fine, but not winter. But maybe I got lucky and if they are crossed she won't cycle until spring. Anywho- They are really cute and tiny (only come up to my knees) and are basically full grown.

And they need names. Please name them. I can't think of names.
Here's the boy:

And the girl:

Aren't they precious?


randi said...

I'm sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way!

Your new babies are SO cute! I want to come and snuggle with them. I like the name Skippy for the boy. :)

Andrea said...

Those are such cuties!! UHM......names....I am not good with goat names, my goat is named Joe. My sister in law named her two goats Benny and June. I kinda like those!!

And a comment to that nice woman that you have never met.....You know what she can do, uhm....just not buy the coffee maker or wine glasses!! ***GASP*** She could just get off her high horse and buy you guys the nice new forks!! lol sorry you have to deal with such crazies

Stephie said...

I vote Rufus for the boy :)

Laura said...

I had no idea that coffee pots and wine glasses were so evil.
I think they are just working on things to pick at!
For the names, I'm going with Hank for the boy and Shirley for the girl. Those are my grandparents' names. They had 11 kids in 9 years, I'm pretty sure she was cycling every 3 weeks too!

alanna rose said...

I'm pretty sure I registered for wine glass. Everyday and cut crystal, so I'm probably headed straight to hell, but we already knew that.

Coffee Maker? Way over the line. ;)

Brutus and Daisy. Or Matt and Amy (after the Roloff's).

Erin said...

Sorry that everyone is giving you such trouble about the wedding. I have some friends here at school that are having similar problems.

As for names, the boy kind of looks like an oreo since his middle is white, but from that you could call them cookies and cream. I know stupid names, but all I can come up with for now.

Wishing you lots of luck and sending big hugs.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Okay, I think I just busted a gut on Laura's comment. Eleven kids in NINE years? Yea! Hank and Shirley wins the name contest for me!

I'm not original. I've only had a couple goats in my life. The one we had as a kid was simply named Nanny. And the pygmy my brother gave Megan when she was little was named Nanner.

Oh my, your future in laws would have been aghast at my wedding. We had an "Open Bar". Yea baby!! What can I say...it was North Dakota. EVERYONE drinks like fishes up there. It would have been sacralige to have a reception without alcohol-LOL.

Erika said...

Names: Lucifer and Jezebel.
I love naming things. :)

Scott G said...

Billy (goat) and Lilly (goat)?

How about Jon and Kate? (maybe you'll have plus 8 before you know it!!)

Or Harry and Sally?

Or Bob and Jillian (ode to The Biggest Loser)

That's all for now!! Marissa

rae rae said...

Hey Erika - that's what you suggested for my kittens LOL ;-)

OK so exactly WHAT is wrong with a coffee maker and wine glasses? Um isn't that the crap you are supposed to register for? Am I missing something?

Christina said...

I am so jealous! I used to have some little goats like that and loved them! I would like to have some more but coyotes are an issue so at this time I dont have any. I think they look like Thelma and Louise...just waiting to get into some kind of mischief!