Monday, October 12, 2009


I know I've never really explained the story of Nate and myself to anyone, so I thought I'd throw in a few bites here and there...with explanations of course...

My girl Tiff found Nate half naked on her roof and 'brought him home'.
Nate has a construction company and Tiff was coming home from a run when she saw him with his shirt off (She sort of channels Samantha from Sex and the City). Anyway - she brought him to dinner at her aunt and uncles where we often convene Friday Nights for dinner and drinks. Basically the rest is history.

Nate didn't technically propose.
I was out of town for work and was texting him one night. Out of frustration and joking around with him I said he should marry me and put me out of my misery. He said nothing would make him happier. Two days later while lazing around at my house he said, "you know, I was serious about that." I sort of was like whatever. Then we started talking, then he asked if I would marry him if he asked, I replied I suppose I would, he was like, "would you really?"...and I was all, "are you asking?" He said yes, I said technically you haven't asked, he said would you? I said yes...nuff said.

Being an instant mom is an issue.
It's hard raising someone else's kid. Really. Some days I think she really likes me, but then she gets all diabolical and bratty and attention seeking simply when Nate gives me a kiss hi. She's seriously bossy and I had to actually sit her down and talk to her about being bossy with her 'imaginary' friends of all things! It was that bad! I guess this is one of those wait and see what happens situations. I'm trying.

School is crazy.
7th year teaching. 5th new Principal. Do I need to say anymore?

Planning a wedding is making me nuts.
Though it's low key - I'd like to dictate for once. It's not happening. Oh well. I guess somebody has to be brideszilla. It just isn't me.

Our reception here in the valley includes Appetizers and Drinks.
Does anyone see anything wrong with that wording? Anyone? Anyone? Certain members (yes, multiple) of Nate's REALLY screwed up family believe that means 'boozefest'. Seriously? I'll show you boozefest baby... When they pay for ANYTHING...SOMETHING...then maybe they can dictate what's going on. Until then I would like my glass of wine while I mingle. And Nate will enjoy his beer. Thanks. If that makes us alcoholics then LABEL US BABY! YEEHAAA!

Ok - needed to get that off my chest. I guess that's just a few less items we won't be getting off our registries. Oh well.

By the way. I have a few new 'kids' that have joined the family. Get it? Kids? Pictures in the next post...


AJ said...

On the bossiness issue: if you find something that works, let me know. Because I can't find anythign that works with Ava. My day care lady tells me that it's tough now, but at least as a teenager, I won't have to worry she's a follower.

And, the fact that she rebels a little against you means that she considers you a parental figure, my kids are angels for other people (okay, maybe not angels) and monsters for me and JR. I think it's normal.

As far as the in-laws thinking that apps and drinks are a boozefest...I'm not sure I want to know what they would think of the parties at Tech then:)

Andrea said...

Oh dear.....I really don't know what to say....well, there is a lot I would LOVE to say, but really, have they not EVER attended a wedding that wasn't an LDS wedding?

You would have loved my mother in law. My husband and I don't drink at all and my mother in law is LDS and she kept trying to get us to do a toast with wine glasses and I kept telling her no thank you!! LOL!! She wanted us to use grape juice. We didn't end up doing a toast. I think it might have actually hurt my MIL's feelings!!

Oh, people are so weird!! Sorry but that family needs to get off their, "more holier than thou" horses and start being a bit nicer! And who cares if it's a boozefest, it's your wedding and if you want to get sloppy drunk then so be it!! UGH!!!!