Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Point of No Return

I'm having issues. But seriously, when am I not? I'm getting married Saturday. It's just hitting me. I have trouble taking on myself - and I'm taking on another adult and a 5 year old? I am changing my last name, but I am starting to have problems with it. Just identity problems. Like will I still be me-me? That and I NEVER want anyone to mistake me for my mother-in-law due to a last name.

The next post I assume will have wedding pictures. Hope for decent weather Saturday.

Here's the cake from the Birthday Party. For never having made a cake before I think I did well. The toppers are toys, no way I had time to shape and mold those babies out - it was like a birthday party ON the birthday cake.


Sonya said...

I had issues changing my name. It was odd for me to be so worried about it as
a. I was always planning to change my name.
b. I'd been with Wilmer for 6 years before the big day so the name wasn't a big surprise.

but I was really affected. I have no idea what exactly the problem was but I feel better now about a month later :)

Good luck and congrats! I'll be hoping for some great weather for you!

heather s. said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe you will no longer be Danielle McLe0d as of this Saturday!!!! I wish I could be there but make sure someone takes tons of pics that you can post on here ASAP. :) Best wishes for a perfect day!

Erika said...

Congrats! :)
Cold feet are normal. You'll always be you. :)

Awesome cake, too!

alanna rose said...

I doubt anyone will ever confuse you with your MIL ;)

Cute cake - I'm sure Becky loved it, it came with Littlest Pet Shop guys! Is it just me, or do those kitties have a punch bowl?

AJ said...

Are those Littlest Pet Shop Kitties, I'll be shopping for those on Friday!

As for the name, I had a hard time with it too. I had always planned to hyphenate or at least add my maiden name as a second middle name legally. (I didn't, but only for reasons that have to do with Ava.)

And when people ask me if I'm Mrs. P------ I say "no, I'm Amanda P------." I cannot take being called the same thing as the MIL, so I totally understand where you're coming from.

But those things are all totally normal. You have a while after the wedding to file the paperwork for changing your name etc. Consider hyphenating or adding it to your middle name if it's a big deal and see what Nate thinks about it.

Or change it legally and just leave everything in your maiden name (credit cards, library cards, accounts) like I did which makes things super confusing:)

randi said...

I'm wishing you nothing but sunshine and happiness on Saturday. Wish I could be there!

Andrea said...

Girl you did awesome on that cakes!! Love it!!! And I love the party on top the party cake!! LOL!!

Good luck on Saturday. I had issues with the last name change thing too!! But you will get used to it. It just takes some time.

Sending good vibes for wonderful weather!!! And hope your day is all perfect and everything you dreamed of!!! *grinning from ear to ear* I am so excited for you!