Friday, May 28, 2010

Aggravated Uterus

I'd be aggravated to if I was made to stretch into the shape and size of various athletic balls and large fruits over the course of a few months (not to mention being compared to those objects).

So my boring, uncomplicated pregnancy became a step towards complicated last night when I spent three hours in the hospital hooked up to various machines while a nurse tried to figure out exactly what was happening. The good news: no contractions. The bad news: my uterus is 'aggravated' which could precede pre-term labor and therefor I am now taking drugs; namely Terbutaline (no I didn't remember that I had to look on the prescription). I also got chewed out for waiting 48 hours before I bothered to call the doctor (but how was I supposed to know it wasn't gas?!).

Basically I now know what it must feel to be a tweaker...and why they call it 'tweaking'. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I can't concentrate on anything. It makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how anybody can actually want to feel like this...for fun. Good thing school's over or I'd probably be under suspicion.

I also have a list of 'nos' and what I should avoid doing. I hate to tell them but half the things on the list I'm going to do anyway because who else will? Yes, I know, this is where everyone tells me I need to, "ask for help". And this is when I respond, "I would except when I do ask for help I end up having to do it anyway and more inconvenient times." That makes me feel lousy that I got up enough gumption to ask and then I wasn't important enough to the person for them to do it for me when I asked. It's just how it is.

Everything is pre-cautionary anyway and I'm just going to be a little more aware of myself. I know exactly what is causing this. It starts with a capitol S and is spelled S-T-R-E-S-S. There is one major factor contributing to this which I can't control. And I am doing everything possible to try to alleviate it which leads to more stress and disappointment. It's okay, I've dealt with worse, just not with the little parasite growing in my belly at the same time. But who said I wasn't up to a challenge right? If anything my little bugger will be born with some life lessons under his belt already.


AJ said...

Are you on terbutaline long term? When they thought I was in labor with Noah (b/c I had regular braxton hicks) they gave me that. It was awful. I hated it. And it actually made me so tense and 'tweaked' that it made the contractions get worse.

Are they suggesting you take it through the end of your pregnancy? If so, I'd get a second opinion, or at least thoroughly discuss it with the doc monitoring your pregnancy. Did you go to an ER? ER docs are not OBGYNs (another lesson I learned the hard way) and don't always know what the best option is when it comes to OB stuff.

Sorry to sound all 'momish' on you. I just remember the awful experience I had with terbutaline, both the drug and the hospital, and it freaks me out!

Laura said...

Yikes! Try to take it easy. I know, way easier said than done!

You don't want that little guy arriving early! Let him cook!

Danielle Michelle said...

I'm not sure if I'm going to be on it long term or not. It was through the OBGYN and my dr. happened to be on call last night. I can't stand it and knowing me I won't take it like I should, but I do have an appointment with the dr. next week so perhaps he's thinking of seeing how things are through the week. Unfortunetely there isn't anyone to get a second opinion from in this tiny valley. It sucks, but I have really liked and trusted my dr. so far so I think when I actually get to talk to him face to face next week I'll have a better outlook.

AJ said...

Glad to hear it was from an OB and your doc was involved! Don't be afraid to talk about it as throroughly as you'd like with your doctor next week! I can't imagine continuously taking that stuff. Ick!

Dreaming said...

A friend of mine had to take Terbutaline and hated it. whatever the Doctor recommends. He's (she?) the expert. Do what you need to do to make sure that everything is OK!