Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

Nate and I have decided to try and make an overnight or weekend escape more often. Of course this is depending on who can watch his daughter, but this weekend grandma was out of town and since we have no problems with grandpa she was able to stay there.

This is where we stayed in Pueblo - the Abriendo Inn Bed and Breakfast. It's an old historic building that reminds me SOOO much of many of the homes up in Houghton, MI; such as the AGD house! We stayed up on the 3rd floor. It was beautiful, quiet and relaxing...and the breakfast was super yummy! Nate also had flowers and chocolate strawberries waiting for me!

We needed to get away not just for us, but because I'm rapidly finding I have nothing to wear. I had purchased a few lots of used and new cloths off eBay, and those provided me with a pair of jean, a few capris and shorts as well as some shirts. I also ordered a few shirts from Old Navy, but found their mediums were really huge on me. Despite getting a few cute and comfortable items, I quickly found I needed to try some clothes on.

I went shopping at our local Maurice's and picked out a few drapy shirts that would last me through the pregnancy and beyond, but I wanted more.

We hit Old Navy, Kohls, Target, VC, Ross and JC Penny's. I bought 7 maternity items because there were all off about 12 racks of clothes between all of them - or non at all in the case of Old Navy. Ross actually had the best selection and what there was elsewhere looked like a bedsheet - both print and size taken into consideration.

HOWEVER - not all was lost as shirts are running to longer styles, loose and drapy styles are in, and everything was on sale this weekend. Nate bought me anything I tried on he liked and I liked and we went home with a truck full of pants, shorts, shirts, underwear and even regular sized bathing suits in larger sizes. So - thank GOD for the newer cute and comfortable styles! Old Navy in particular had a lot of different things in shirts, dresses and elastic waisted skirts. Kohls had cute shirts, JC Penny had great bathing suit options and Target had great jeans. Ross had everything and I strongly recommend that pregnant women shop there since the prices are so cheap also!

Before we drove home Nate had to run by and pick up some work items and dropped me off at Barnes and Noble. I am book starved in the valley so this is always a great treat. He always leaves me with money and then sees how far I can make it stretch...

EXCEPT .... when I walked into the store this time I was greeted by this:

It was like the holy grail of reading items shining as a beacon from the doorway. I kid you not. I was drawn to picking it up and playing against my will. Everytime I walked away I had to go back...and that's where Nate found me a half hour later, about 20 steps in the front door with one in my hand.

But - before you all think he told me to put it down and walk away...slowly....there is a story surrounding eReaders in our house. I have a billion books and everyone makes fun of me for that fact, especially when I move. Nate decided I need an eReader to save his back. Now, nothing can truly replace the feel of having a real book open in your hands, the smell and crinkles of the pages, the dog ears and favorite marked passages - BUT - there is something nice about being able to carry around more than one book at a time in a format smaller than the average novel. He bought me a Sony reader for Christmas. I didn't like it. No 3G networking, wireless, etc....I wanted a Kindle. So we returned the Sony and never bought the Kindle.

Then I walked into Barnes and Noble and saw the NOOK. I got to play with it. Talk with a sales person. Ask questions. Play with it. Try out cases and touch them. Play with it. It has a touch screen, automatic WI-FI, 3G networking, internet, freebie books, $5 to $12 book options, an extra USB reader card if you fill it up with more than 1500 titles, games, music - the list goes on!

I love it and Nate let me bring one home with me. He even picked out a case. We may not have the 3G network available in our little valley (we only have Verizon), but it can hook up to any Wi-Fi as well as the computer for downloads.

I'm a comparison freak and thought about the Kindle for years. I really wanted one and taking a NOOK home with me was almost flying blind - however, I'm very impressed and have even dealt with the customer service and was SUPER happy with how I was treated.

Two thumbs up in my world. We're broke now - but the trip was sure worth it!


Laura said...

Yay for a weekend away! I took one look at that picture and though, wow, looks just like the AGD house!

And double yay for getting some clothes!

My MIL is a reader and loves her Nook.

heather s. said...

I'm glad you guys were able to get away and you got some shopping in! I agree - there is nothing like holding a book in your hand but I played with my brother's Kindle and have to admit, it's pretty damn cool. I loved how many books he had and that it knew where you left off, you can highlight words you don't know to look them up and they are a great size to slip in a bag. I'll have to check out the Nook since I think I'll be getting myself one for Christmas. :)

Laura said...

I think that nursing bras run a little different than regular bras. My boobs didn't get any bigger when my milk came in, well for like a day they were swollen, but after that they were the same. You can take some measurements and see what size you need.

As for getting back in shape, I gave up on meals during my pregnancy. I pretty much snack all day long. And nursing. It's like working out while sitting on your rear.

Andrea said...

What a fun weekend getaway!! Enjoy them now while you can!! LOL!! I love bed and breakfast places!! And my sister has a Nook and she loves it!

Kara said...

YAY for making the time for the two of you. J & I need to do that more often...wait we never do You have inspired me to start thinking of something we can do with just the two of us

Rising Rainbow said...

That bed looks soooo comfy.

I'm a book freak too. Not sure if I can give up my hard copies but who knows I never thought I'd get into computers.

alanna rose said...

Fun weekend! I'm jealous of the nook :)

As for nursing bras - the JCPenny maternity catalog has a pretty good assortment. I had a medela that I liked a lot, especially for the first few weeks when I seemed to be extra swollen. I think everyone's boobs are different during and after - I went up a size in cup and band, but then came back down in band after about a year. I'm currently in this weird limbo between sizes and have just resigned myself to the fact that for now they are tools and not just ornaments. Function is following form, as long as I don't have a uniboob, and I am comfortable, I am happy :)

Charlie and Kara said...

The house totally reminds me of the AGD house. I miss the house, kinda! Glad you were able to get away and do some shopping for you. Enjoy the NOOK, it looks like fun.