Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh the Things I'm Learning!

How can anyone afford both diapers and formula for their babies? I swear if I wasn't nursing we'd have gone broke already. I'm already stock piling the bottles!

Speaking of affording can anyone without insurance afford to have one? I got my hospital bill today. OMG! Granted I was charged for a full labor and then c-section, but still! Let's just say there are 5 digits and it's almost a quarter of the way to 6 digits. Holy Moly! Thank GOD I have insurance and I'm only paying barely into the 4 digits (not including all my pre-natal, but that wasn't too bad either).

There are good diapers and bad diapers. Good diapers only leak when they are fully saturated and weigh about as much as a baseball already. Bad diapers begin to leak before the baby is off the changing table and enjoying the first pee into a dry diaper...that evidentally stays dry since the pee is welling out the top. All I'm going to say is that the good diapers start with a "P" and the bad with an "H".

1 month checkup:
8.10 lbs
21.75 inches long
His head size is normal too, though I can't remember it

Holding his head up, almost rolling over, totally focused on things and loves the mobile above the crib, starting to smile, "talks" a lot and reaches for some things, knows his mommies voice and turns towards me when he hears me, tries to pull himself up when I hold his hands, and spits up A LOT (though dr. says he's growing like a weed and don't worry).

Only thing that bothers me is his umbilical cord is still on. Dr. said don't worry but come back in 2 weeks if it's still there. I'd love for it to fall off so we can have a normal bath and go swimming!

I'm doing alright - still a little sore. I gained A TON of weight while preggers ,though I'm not totally sure how since I was really active and not eating much, but oh well. Let's just say I gained about twice what I should have. About half of that is gone with little effort on my part, and it seems I lose more everyday, but I still cannot fit into anything. Literally. Maternity clothes are too big and everything else is too small. It's killing me. I can't afford to go shopping - AGAIN - so I'm just hoping the weight continues to peel off and I can at least fit into a pair of my 'fat' pre-preggers jeans soon.

That of course brings me to a dilemma since I'm going to be in MI next week! I don't know what to wear! We can only stay a week and half of that is going to be spent up North and on the Island for a wedding. It's a mini - baby - honeymoon since Nate and I still haven't had one. We have to rush home because of the business, but I do plan on trying to see as many people as possible. If I miss you - let's try again around Christmas since we're thinking of coming back then...maybe.

I totally meant to blog about Bunni, the manx cat, during my pregnancy but never got around to it. She spent the majority of the time, nights included, curled up around my belly purring to it. Since Wyatt's been born she has to be near us. She totally respects Wyatt's space and won't touch him other to sometimes sniff him or give his hair a little lick if I'm holding him. but otherwise this is what she does - just stays near him. She'll reach out a paw to touch my leg or hand, but won't do it to him. It's so cute. As usual he's checking everything out with a little peak to see if it's worth waking up all the way. He looks at everything with one eye first.


YGS said...

I hope I get to see you!!!! :)

AJ said...

Yay for a trip, maybe we can plan a girls dinner while you're here!

Wyatt is a little cutie pie, and I agree with you 100% on the diapers:)

AJ said...
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alanna rose said...

I love the "squinky-eye" phase!

We'll see you at Christmastime, have a great trip! Has Nate been to the Island before?