Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're Back!

It was too quick of a trip and our last two days were marred by a disaster we had occurring back at home. I'll eventually post about that but it's a little depressing for now. Sorry to those we didn't get a chance to visit with.

Wyatt was a champ on the plane and during the car trip Up North and back.

We visited the TC area and friends Thursday and Friday. I had the great idea of hiking Sleeping Bear Dunes Thursday. Not sure that was the best idea, but I still hiked a mile and a half in with a baby strapped to my chest. I miss the water :(

Drove up to St. Ignace where our friends were staying before the wedding on Friday via Charlevoix and Petoskey. We stopped at one of the many cider mills along the way for apples, cider, and donuts. Nate had never experienced anything like that before as we don't have mills in CO like we do back East. I miss them too :(

The weather rocked on the Island and we rented a horse and buggy to wander around the island in the first day. It was a ton of fun! The next day we rented bikes before the wedding and checked out the grand hotel and the park. Wyatt was totally content in his little 'tag-along' behind the bike.

The wedding was small and beautiful. We had a great time visiting and headed back downstate Monday afternoon. We spent the remainder of the time visiting family.




randi said...

Wyatt is such a cutie! I especially love the last picture - middle finger and all!

alanna rose said...

He's so perfect :)
How did you strap him into the tag-along? I can't figure out how Max can ride in it safely...advice please!

Scott G said...

Hey there ... I noticed in your pic with your wrap that wyatt is pretty low. Pls make sure his back isn't arched and he should be 'kissable' on the forehead whenever he's being carried. Here's a link to what it should look like:

(I'm a member of a baby wearing group so sorry I'm bein anal about it, but no one in the BW-ing community wants any issues w/ mamas babywearing because it could lead to outlawing all baby carriers).

Love and hugs,

Danielle Michelle said...

Hey Marissa! He's sitting low cause we'd just hiked the dunes and I had to readjust! I was carrying him by this point! Totally agree with you - I've read all the negative comments about carriers - and quite honestly I don't know how someone could carry a baby that low without holding onto them! He's usually up under my chin!