Thursday, January 13, 2011

The World is For Me to Discover, and Eat.

The last month has brought about a world of discovery for the little guy. Namely the animal kingdom we have. He watches the cats and dogs, getting frustrated when they don't come over to give him kisses. Both big dogs stick their noses in his face then give his hand or foot a little lick, but Wrigley likes to plant them right on the kisser. From the way Wyatt laughs and opens his mouth for more while leaning in, I guess he likes it. We try to stop it when we see it coming. I'm all for kisses, but that's kinda gross.

My one little Manx kitty still has to be by his side almost constantly. Wyatt tries to get kisses from her also, and has taken to grabbing with both hands and pulling her in. She tolerates this, and he tolerates the mouthful of hair he gets, but again, it's a practice we aren't exactly condoning. Here he is trying to go in for the 'kill', but mom has a pretty good grip on him.

First he notices...

Then he leans...

Then he tries to go for it before mom stops it...(see the tongue starting to come out?)

As I take him everywhere with me, we inevitably end up in loud places. I had to watch gate at the basketball game recently, and as we were right under the buzzer I got a chance to use the babybanz ear protectors I had bought awhile back. He fell asleep with them on; after chewing on his feet for awhile.


alanna rose said...

The last pic - so cute!

Carroll Farm said...

Wow, your little guy has sure grown! He is a doll, I love the last picture - it is adorable!

YGS said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting!!!

Dreaming said... cute!
I don't know of any babies who have gotten sick from puppy kisses - even right on the mouth. It is gross to us, but imagine how tickly it must feel!
I love the ear protectors. I didn't know they made them!

Dreaming said...

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The Wades said...

Ear protectors?! Makes me want to have another baby. ;) Why does all the cool stuff come out after my babies are grown? Too cute!