Friday, February 04, 2011


Sorry - there quite literally has been not much of anything going on here. I do have some stuff I could blog about, but I need to take some pictures and whatnot so it isn't worth it right now.

I've also been caught up with parent teacher conferences, revamping our household (that I will one day blog about in the far future), and dealing with the winter weather that finally arrived - and left again. We had -56 wind chill the other night. You all know how running water doesn't freeze? Whatever. Ours did. And it was definitely running - not dripping. So along with that comes hauling water for livestock. Fun.

Wyatt continues to grow! I promise to be more exciting in the weeks to come!


Dreaming said...

And I thought the -45 we had was bone-chilling! Ouch...can't imagine it being colder!
I still have to get out to clean our paddock...when we do thaw, what a mess we're going to have!
Hope your pipes were safe despite the freeze.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Whew, that's cold!

Two days of bitter cold here too, but back to much nicer weather. Still working on busting all the ice out of the tanks though. Yuck!