Friday, June 03, 2011

Animal Kingdom - SLV Style

Well - the weather continues to blow here. It's such a violent wind there is no going outside. Cabin fever was bad this winter, but now it's unbearable because it's warm out, and the sun is shining (when you can see it through the dust clouds) but the wind sounds like a freight train roaring by the house.

Every forth day or so we may have a calm morning, or late afternoon and I cannot get outside fast enough.

Mac and Al have built a relationship. I see them roaming the yard together daily. Often they lay in the tall grass next to each other. Here they are catching a little shade:

Ringo would be dead broke by now if I had 3 days in a row to work him. This was the first time he was saddled up. No problem.

I did push the ticket this day however, and was attempting to lay across the saddle. He wasn't really impressed with my foot in the stirrup when I was getting him used to the weight. He bolted with a little leaping mini-buck. The third time he did it I got nailed in the inside of my thigh and was BLACK for a week. Then it turned purple. it was great. I don't think he was aiming for me or it probably would have been a LOT higher, but I think I'm going to have one of my little (younger) rodeo student's hop on him for that first ride. I don't feel like hitting dirt much anymore.

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Carroll Farm said...

The puppy is so cute.