Friday, June 17, 2011


We've been busy! Went to the Rockies/Tigers game tonight. Wyatts first game! We had so much fun!

Wyatt especially loved the cotton candy. He was everybodies favorite kid on the pavilion where we were sitting. He would catch the eye of the closest person with food and stare them down smacking his lips. It was so funny. By the end of the night he was on a first name basis with everybody.


alanna rose said...

I would like to know if Wyatt could possibly be any cuter?! He's adorable!

AJ said...

Was this the 13-5 game? Ouch!!!

Glad Wyatt had a good first game!!

Dreaming said...

What fun! I love watching little kids flirting with adults.
He has 'lady killer' eyes for sure!