Friday, August 26, 2011

Springs Trip...Part 2 (a little delayed...)

Finally I am getting up the posts for our Zoo trip. The Colorado Springs Zoo is small, but it packs a great punch! It has great hands-on for kids and it was just the right size for little ones.

We fed the Giraffes.

We fed the Budgies.

We played with the Chickens ('cause they are so much more fun than at home).

We pet the baby Wallaby.

We watched the fish swim (Wyatt is not that much taller than Tanner. He's on a ledge!).

We crawled through tunnels.We loved the Lemers and took one home after laying down on it in the store and giving it kisses.

1 comment:

Dreaming said...

Wyatt looks like he is about to fall asleep with his lemur in the last shot!
I bet he was exhausted after all of that 'stimulation'.

Bet you were exhausted after going up and down hill pushing a stroller!