Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Serious Little Helper

Wyatt loves to help out in the yard. He drags the hoses everywhere and picks up whatever Mac has managed to 'hoard' onto the lawn from the outlying fields (sticks, bones, broken toys, cans, if we could just teach him to put them in the trash).

He's so serious about what he's doing when he gets focused.

His favorite thing is to help feed the dogs. He has to take food from one bowl and carry it over to the other. Dixie thinks it's great since she's usually finished first and he's handing her the other dogs' food. They've all figured out that they can clean up whatever he drops while he's 'helping'. It's so funny to watch him crawling under Dixie, around Mac, over Wrigley while they hop around him, walk over him and basically try to see who can get to what he drops first.

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Dreaming said...

I love when the 'little guys' decide they want to help!
Wyatt is such a cutie!