Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This dog is seriously turning out to be the bestest dog ever. His herding instincts have kicked in, and though he may be a bit pup-ish at home, when I get on a horse he knows he's going to work.
People have been asking at the ranch where I had him trained and what I have done with him. When I tell them he's only 9 months old and I haven't done anything with him but take him with me, they are amazed. He's that good of a dog.

What could make a happier life for a dog when he spends it herding bison, cattle and horses....chasing birds and grasshoppers on thousands of acres....swimming in the stock tanks...and generally just getting to hang out?

Not too bad for a free dog! That's Maggie's feet he's sleeping next too. Those two have an understanding...

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Dreaming said...

He is too cute, especially the picture of him sacked out near Maggie's feet!