Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cattle Mooooove

Drove cattle for 5 hours today across a few thousand acres. I rode Charlie and he and I had a great day. We made a good team and covered a lot of ground looking for missing pairs and leading the drive. I love running across the open range on my own. It's so quiet and peaceful. Just you and your horse...

I padded the saddle some and kept checking to see if it was pinching. It seemed to work alright. I know its just a temporary fix, but at least its in the right direction.

A truck was backed into my car today on the ranch, so that's in the shop now to get the front redone and a new radiator. It was a total accident. Nobodies fault per se. It's covered and will get fixed. I guess its an occupational hazard of working around big trucks and trailers...when you drive the teeny tiny car that is always missing from view during mirror checks.

I feel bad I haven't been checking other blogs, but I don't have internet except what's on the smartphone. I have a neat little blogger app for posting, but can't see other blogs real well. I also have to take all my pictures with the phone. I'm really having fun choosing a short post each day about work.

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