Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Laundry and Fire

It's been a slow week. The only one we are likely to have this summer. Yesterday we were given the day off, today we ran errands and picked up laundry. It was a Suburban full!

On another note-Colorado is burning. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. I miss fire season, yet I don't miss the anxiety surrounding it. I feel the severity of the fires burning through Colorado could have been avoided. Lawsuits over the cutting of beetle killed forest, delays in fire management plans and decades of fire suppression have lead to an abundance of high fuel loads. Fire is inevitable and the blowup this year had been predicted. Unfortunately with fire, nobody can predict when, where and exactly how bad a fire season will be. Educated guesses, sure, but I don't think anyone thought what is happening here would have happened to this degree. Humans always try to control stuff and it has been leading to mega fires year after year. I think it's really sad because it's always at the expense of human life, property, and natural resources. By disallowing natural fire for so long, fire is not going to act in a renewing manner in these large fires. They are burning too hot and are taking everything that makes them a resource in other circumstances with them.

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